How to Utilize CAS for Your Benefit

Many IB students consider CAS to be pointless, a complete waste of time that won't benefit them after the IB. At Blen, we firmly disagree with this assertion. Numerous institutions, especially those with US campuses, pay close attention to your extracurricular activities when you were pursuing your IB Diploma. The institution will have a better understanding of you as a well-rounded person if you can demonstrate that you are actively participating in creative pursuits, athletic endeavors, and service-minded enterprises. A huge plus for your university application is if you played a leadership rather than supporting role in a variety of extracurricular activities.

So don't ignore CAS!

If you are a student who is certain of the course you would like to study at university, CAS can be used to obtain more information and experience in your chosen field of study! CAS should also be widely used to obtain your mind off your IB studies and to participate in a pleasurable activity!

Let me jot down some illustrations of how you might customize your CAS experiences to fit your interests and how they might be useful for your university applications!


Some people can have a strong enthusiasm for writing. Students enjoy putting their ideas into words. They were able to delve much deeper into this love thanks to CAS. The committee for your school newspaper could be joined as a different activity. You may hang out with the group in the IT room after your IB lessons and discuss stories. Finding photographs, planning, writing, and editing are just a few of the many steps involved in publishing an article. You will gain talents that you can showcase in your UCAS personal statement as a result of all of these phases.

Because many of the universities value the requirement that you continually stayed up to date on news in areas like politics, in addition to the fact that there is more actual work.

Help people learn a language:

If you study abroad, it can be your native tongue or a language you excel at that is also taught in school. Your classmates may be curious about your native tongue, for instance, if you are an international student studying in the UK. By writing essays with them or reading publications together in the target language, you can assist your fellow students.

Make a film

This is another ambitious undertaking of your CAS requirements for action and innovation. You should expect a lot of labor! The movie would require you to compose the narrative, direct the shoot, capture the footage, and edit it. It improves your talents in a variety of ways that you can use in your UCAS to strengthen your application.

Consider holding a movie showing at the school and charging a small fee for tickets and concessions, with the proceeds going to a good cause, to get more service points.