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Our digital teaching platform is curated for educators to save time and focus on their hassle-free teaching.

01. Empower your teaching with 100% curriculum-aligned resources

Developed by a team of IB Teachers and Examiners.

Empower your teaching with 100% curriculum-aligned resources

Exam Style Questions

Get access to over 10K + practice questions for Paper 1, Paper 2 and even Paper 3, all in line with the up-to-date IBDP syllabus

Expert Solutions

Designed to make your teaching easier with step-by-step solutions for every question with a concrete rationale behind the correct option for MCQs.

Key Concepts

Encourage proactive learning with crisp concepts developed by expert authors. No more carrying heavy textbooks.

Assignment Made Super Easy

02. Assignment Made Super Easy

Why spend hours setting assignments, when you can do it in just a few clicks on Blen.

Customized Assignment

Create customized reading, practice or assessment assignments, selecting from over 10,000 exam-style questions just in a couple of clicks.

Automated Marking

Save hours spent on assignment corrections with auto-marking of MCQs and short-answer questions.

Digital Grading

Get access to step-by-step solutions to digitally grade extended-answer questions for comprehensive feedback.

03. Develop self-directed learning for your students

Boost their confidence with self-curated challenges set at just the right level of difficulty

Develop self-directed learning for your students

Create Own Questions

Take your teaching to the next level by creating your own questions and activating directed learning.

Build Own Quizzes

Create quizzes and build competitive challenges, boost engagement and make learning fun for your students.

Easy Accessibility

Hassle-free access to exhaustive IBDP content just at your fingertips. No more outdated content.

Dive Deeper into your student performance

04. Dive Deeper into your student performance

Make classroom time more efficient with easy-to-understand, actionable Data.

Track Real-time Progress

Get easy access to a powerful overview to tailor your teaching ensuring every student gets the support they deserve.

Differentiated Teaching

Tailor your lesson plans based on each student’s specific needs. Make better use of classroom time.

Confident Feedbacks

Based on the Reports, now communicate your feedback to students and parents with confidence.

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Blen is a powerful learning and teaching platform, thoughtfully designed for the IBDP community. With 100% IBDP Curriculum aligned resources such as interactive questions, key concepts, adaptive mock tests, assignments and detailed reports, unlock your true IBDP potential.

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