Amazingly Fun-filled CAS Project Ideas to Choose From!

The most frequently asked question is, what is a CAS project? Who do I do it? The hardest part of the CAS project is choosing the project ideas? We are here to answer all the questions but before answering all, let's get a quick recap of what is CAS?

CAS is the collaborative series of CAS projects engaging students in creativity, service and activity. Students have to complete at least one CAS project to complete CAS. The project may take one month, or many projects may take longer than one hour.

Let’s add some fun to your CAS Project:

Our list of 50 CAS project ideas will induce some spark, so you get the perfect CAS project.

1. Creativity: group plan, design, and creates a mural (an official IB example).

2. Activity and service: students organise a football tournament with entry starts with local food.

3. Activity: students organise to participate in the support team, organise and plan (IB example).

4. Creativity: weekly rap bottle to organise, execute, and eventually crown one ultimate winner.

5. Creativity and service: regularly bake cake and pastries and deliver them to local community retirement homes.

6. Creativity and service: write a plan and film a movie. Screen this movie at school and proceeds charity.

7. service: students set up at the school for students to be able to volunteer at a local homeless shelter.

8. Creativity: after school, a group of students’ music class culminates into a final performance.

9. Creativity and activity: students choreograph a routine for their marching band (IB example).

10. Services: students are conducting and tutoring students for people in need.

11. Create and service: school talent show set up to organise and proceed with charity.

12. Creativity: organise a fashion show where you get a platform to show creativity and garments.

13. Activity and service: Students plan, plant and maintenance of garden with the local community (IB example).

14. Creativity: set up a food blog where you go around and review local restaurants.

15. Creativity: start a MUN club at your school and join international MUN meets.

16. Service: set up special needs camp for students with learning disabilities.

17. Creativity: set up an after-school extracurricular activity for students at your school.

18. Activity and service: become a manager, and contact the football and basketball team coach.

19. Service: sign in if your school setup any service trips.

20. Creativity and service: set up an international fair, so the parents bring their cultural foods and teach the students about their culture.

21. Creativity and service: set up musical performances for people at the hospital.

22. Activity and service: organise a local netball tournament with entry proceeds going to a local mental health charity.

23. Creativity: create a lip synchronise battle at your school during lunchtime.

24. Creativity and service: create a birthday project at school and deliver candy to the students.

25. Creativity and service: design backpacks made out of recycled material.

26. Activity and service: referee some local football matches.

27. Service: regularly going out and planting trees.

28. Creativity and service: make play and screen it at your school as a donation to charity.

29. Creativity, activity and service: students rehearse, perform and perform dance production for a community retirement home.

30. Service: read to students at local primary school.

31. Activity and service: set yourself a physical challenge. E.g., 500 kilometres and distribute donations.#

32. Activity: students organise local football tournaments at school.

33. Service: help with an infrastructure project.

34. Service: set up a recycling club to take separating material at your school.

35. Creativity and service: a website with healthy food recipes to promote better choices.

36. Service: form a clean-up club and find local people, e.g., at beaches and parks.

37. Service: teach others a new language.

38. Creativity and service: write some book reviews for the library.

39. Service: host a book drive.

40. Creativity and service: video game tournament with entrance free.

41. Creativity and service: create or be in charge of the school yearbook.

42. Creativity and service: hold an art competition, display the entries during gallery night, and donate them.

43. Service: form a yoga group and conduct sessions at the local nursing home.

44. Service: create hand-made sanitary towels.

45. Creativity: organise a stand-up comedy event at your school.

46. Service: toy drive before the festivals to deliver gifts to this advantage students.

47. Service: arrange volunteer gardening at local service.

48. Service: teach children how to give first aid.

49. Creativity and service: volunteer to help a lifeguard to help local people.

50. Creativity and service: students put together a concert at school and donate to charity.

These unique ideas will help you to get perfect CAS ideas.

 Note: All the ideas were gathered from IB official resources and successfully graduated students.