Our Story

Our journey started with a couple of private tutoring lessons when students were struggling not only to understand those key concepts but also to find enough practice questions to fully comprehend their subjects.

Overwhelmed with schoolwork, assignments, activities, experiments and so-called IBDP stress, students were just freaking out! The lack of enough exam-style resources was adding to disappointments. Yes! Past Papers exist but repeatedly practising those past papers were not add any value.

With an aim to tackle IBDP stress in a better way, we began instilling students with those curated practice questions, step-by-step solutions to those tough problems and crispy concept notes for that last-minute revision.

And, you know what it actually translated into improved academic performance.

We’ve always had a strong desire to make an impact beyond borders, focusing on easy accessibility and affordability – we made the bold decision to GO DIGITAL.

We know as a student you must have heard a gazillion of myths about how arduous IB can be. Indeed, IBDP is challenging but it’s not as hard as you think. We know studying also takes a lot of time and getting organized takes longer.

Blen has got you covered!

With Blen, master concepts in new ways, build your own test and keep a track of your progress paving a road to success. Now is the time to kick off a new journey that guarantees you straight success in your IBDP. Solidify your study routine, take advantage of unlimited practice quizzes on Blen, and save your revision days.

Let’s build the future together.