How to handle theory of knowledge (TOK) Essay

It can be intimidating to even consider writing a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay.

It can be intimidating to even consider writing a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay.

IB certifications are introduced for IB educators and instructors to enhance their skills and understanding of the IB and to enable them to develop their knowledge.

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Preparing for the midterm exams can be frightening, and students frequently find themselves in tough situations because the final grades depend on how well they do on the midterms, finals, and presentations

We all know how important letters of recommendation are to the application process for universities, graduate programs, and the job market.

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When writing an experimental analysis (IA), it's easy to make a mistake.

What exactly is an Extended Essay?

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Many IB students consider CAS to be pointless, a complete waste of time that won't benefit them after the IB.

The primary focus of the DP is creativity, activity, and service (CAS), which aims to develop and broaden students' understanding of themselves and others.

If you are planning to join college or University, you may be asked to attempt SAT.

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