My IBDP CAS Journey = Learning + Fun

Jennifer Osteen, a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, has offered insights into her IBDP journey by recounting her CAS (creativity, activity, and service) experiences. Through Blen's IBDP graduate series, Jennifer shares her complete journey from inception to graduation, reflecting on how this path enriched her life and propelled her towards achieving her career aspirations.

Commencement and Approach to the IBDP Journey

My journey with the IBDP commenced in 2018, with a vivid memory from my HL year as a business and management student. One of our IBDP tutors consistently emphasized the significance and impact of stakeholders in business advancements and decision-making. As a diploma program student, I often pondered how I could leverage my knowledge to positively influence stakeholders within the local community. Subsequently, upon completing the diploma program, I pursued a bachelor's degree in business and management, majoring in economics and accounting, with the intention of entering the corporate realm equipped with business acumen and expertise. Throughout my IBDP journey, I acquired numerous technical skills applicable to the business world, facilitating my progression in the field.

A group of IBDP students learning and having fun together.

Reflecting on My Fortunate IBDP Journey

I consider myself incredibly fortunate and deeply grateful for my journey through the IBDP, as it has paved the way for immediate employment upon completing my university program. Unlike some of my peers who face challenges in securing jobs, I credit my IBDP experience for instilling essential skills such as resilience, hard work, and perseverance, which enabled me to achieve my goals. With unwavering determination, I persisted in my job search until I secured a position. Initially, I began as a management trainee at a firm and later transitioned to the control department of a bank after completing the trainee program. In this role, I had the opportunity to apply my academic qualifications and skills acquired through CAS experiences during my time as an IB diploma program student. The challenges I faced with assignments during the IB journey prepared me well for the completion and accomplishment of my professional tasks.

Wrapping Up My IBDP Adventure

In conclusion, the IB journey has guided me towards taking ownership of my ambitions. While I've faced mistakes and setbacks, the crucial aspect is embracing those failures and deriving wisdom from them. By learning from these experiences, nothing can hinder your pursuit of goals.
Overall, my time in the IBDP has been an immensely rewarding and transformative journey.

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