Get Introduced to IB Diploma Program!

If you are starting an IB diploma program any soon, you must have a lot of concerns and questions in your mind.

Well, that's valid!
It is typical for everyone and actually, you will barely find any Ex-IB student having zero nervousness before jumping into the IB diploma. Genuinely, there are some primary things and points to be viewed before actually starting the IBDP.

To help you out, Blen has decided to share our top tips and guidelines on how to ready yourself for IBDP.

  • Do some subject research

Surely, you have picked up your subjects to be studied by now, therefore we advise you to have some pre-research about your chosen subjects. It might be possible that some of the subjects will be quite new to you. Also, make sure you are satisfied and have an interest in those subjects. Likewise, if you want to change any subject now will be the time to do it.

  • Familiarize yourself with the IB syllabus

IBDP syllabus is all available on the website; try to get familiar with the subjects. Also, prepare well if you are heading to learn or study a new subject. For instance, if you are taking politics try reading online articles and news regarding politics.

  • Polish your English skills

Try to practice the English language if it's not your first language because in IBDP you are required to use your both verbal and written English language skills. Try writing some articles or start practicing in English with your family even at home.

  • Be prepared and organized

Try to put a little effort to stay organized before starting IB. Practice organizing notes and following a timetable as it will be beneficial for you in the future. Take tiny steps every day and make small changes.

  • Practice a language B

In IBDP, you will certainly study a foreign language so it will be wise to learn Spanish or French before starting the IB diploma program. Watch Spanish or French series to gain some other language knowledge. Do not forget to practice it with your friends too.

  • Seek guidance from teachers

If you feel like you need any support from your instructors regarding the IB diploma program, do not hesitate to ask them. Because no one can guide you better than an experienced teacher.

Lastly, IBDP is one of the enriching learning experiences that you can have as a student therefore stay clear, relax and relish your IB diploma program journey.

Blen wishes you Good luck!