Handling CAS can be fun!

If you are IBDP 2 student you might be wondering what to do about your CAS hour or an IBDP 1 student considering starting ahead with the CAS but struggling with where to start from?

Take a chill pill! Because Blen has got answers to your worries!

So, to clear all your CAS puzzlement, Blen would like to give you some unique suggestions about your CAS hours. So, what we have come up with is you will get a chance to share your CAS activities experience, what did you do, how was the experience, and what did you learn from it?

Indeed, we will provide you with an opportunity to get your experience in the form of a blog post featured on our website. In our opinion, CAS is the best way to experience a good time from all the worries of the assessments and we would love to hear your stories about what have you done so far during your studies break! No matter, what activities you took part in whether it's playing or learning a musical instrument, learning a new dance tutorial, baking, gardening, or drawing each story will be heard.

To give you an idea of what you can add and how to start your blog post for CAS hours, we have sorted an example for you. One plus point of sharing your story with us is you can even use it as one of the experiences to share in your University personal statement.

Note: Remember to keep up your writing between 300 to 400 words.


Start with a name?

E.g: Karen John

What school do you attend?

E.g: St. James, Edinburgh

In which year did you graduate?

E.g: 2019

What activity you did do in your CAS hour?

E.g: Learning guitar

Why did you select this activity?

E.g: Since childhood, I had a great interest in music but never got enough time to learn any specific musical instrument. I have been blessed with a good voice as well but due to academic pressure, I never find time to give it a thought. CAS hour was the time when I figured out how I can start doing what I have always wanted to do.

What did you do and gained?

E.g: Firstly, I searched online about some good music academies that offer guitar lessons. I approached them, paid my fees, and started taking lessons. The lessons were for a few weeks and I learned a lot of new things about music from these lessons. It has helped me to grow my musical knowledge and fulfilled my desire of learning guitar.

Shall other students go for this?

Yes, definitely! 

If someone has an interest in learning a musical instrument they should surely go for it.

So start sharing your experiences now!