How to join IB as a tutor?

IB better known as the International Baccalaureate program basically initiated in the 1960s first in Switzerland with equivalence to an advanced placement program. By 2013, almost 1 million students already got registered in the two-year diploma program and later IB attain popularity as one of the most recognized learning curricula all over the world. To become an IB tutor, one has to take a certification offered by IB in Teaching and learning.

Qualifying as an IB teacher

Generally, IB teachers start as a tutor in high school initially to acquire some experience in IB teaching and learning. Most of the requirements demanded from both public and private teaching schools is one should have a bachelor's degree to qualify as an IB teacher. Alternatively, according to the demands of the US. Bureau of statistics all the tutors teaching in the states should be certified or holds a license. People who have just a college degree will have to go through the process of teaching for a while under a senior's supervision to become suitable for certification. 

Teaching is not everybody's cup of tea

Teachers are the individuals who direct, encourage, and develop students' skills and equip them to use those knacks. Everyone can be a teacher but to become a good teacher, one has to be determined, can lead the class and uplift the students with a cheerful attitude. Teachers should be capable to use their teaching skills outside of the context of the standard textbook and instruct their students to use their skills critically. Likewise, they should hold advanced knowledge of the subjects they are instructing. For instance, if someone's a history teacher, they should have some savvy skills to make a bland subject like history a unique learning subject for their learners.

How to get IB certified?

Numerous universities all over the world are offering various kinds of IB certifications. Like, Oakland University in Michigan, welcomes candidates as IB teachers holding a bachelor's degree with a CGPA of 3.0. There are various types of certification offered in different subjects such as mathematics, arts and sciences, languages and literature. All these certification programs cover teaching and learning, curriculum and assessment in the classroom. Upon the successful completion of the program, one can obtain a certificate as an IB teacher.

Last but not least!

Learning is always a key to improvement, growth and progress. To become a thriving teacher, continuous learning and development is really important. A good teacher should be always committed to learning professional development educational training and courses throughout their entire career.

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