Decoding " Brondy’s PLC " for IBDP Business Nov 2023 Paper 1 Examination

By now, you must be aware that the eagerly anticipated IBDP Business case study for the upcoming Nov 2023 Examination has been released.

You can access the N23 Business Case Study here.

Are you gearing up to tackle this undisclosed business management case study?

When is N23 IBDP Business Paper 1?

Your IBDP Business Management Paper 1 exam is scheduled for October 23, 2023. Click here to know more about the examination schedule.

What is the main aim of Paper 1 Assessment?

IB Business Management's Paper 1 encourages a comprehensive approach to the subject. It assesses all five units of the syllabus and includes an Extended Response Question (Essay) section for HL (Higher Level) students. This evaluation task challenges students to enhance their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

What is the N23 Case Study?

The IB Organization has issued this pre-released case study featuring "Brondy’s PLC," a fictional business. This case study is built around an imaginary organization and encompasses all five units outlined in the syllabus. It serves as a valuable resource for students during their revision for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Note: Students should refrain from selecting Brondy’s PLC as the subject for their CUEGUIS essay in Paper 2, as it must be based on a real-world organization. Opting for Brondy’s PLC in their CUEGUIS essay for Paper 2 will result in penalties.

Overview of IBDP Business Paper 1 Assessment

Decoding brondy S plc for ibdp business may 2023 paper 1 examination.

IBDP Business Management – SL

Table of IBDP Business Managemet SL.

IBDP Business Management – HL

Table of IBDP Business Managemet HL.

How to prepare to ace your case study paper?

Blen will provide you with some valuable tips on how to excel in your IBDP Business Paper 1 Case Study.

1. Grasp the case study:

It is crucial to invest your time in carefully reading and analyzing the case study. Make notes, highlight key details, and create a concise summary of the case study.

2. Understand the paper's format:

Typically, the questions revolve around all five topics within your IBDP Business Management Syllabus. Familiarizing yourself with the paper's format will aid you in structuring your responses correctly and managing your time effectively.

3. Utilize suitable business terminology:

Incorporating appropriate business terminology will showcase your knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter.

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