How to Navigating Your IB Diploma Program Results?

Awaiting IBDP Results Day: Are You Prepared?

The culmination of the exhilarating IBDP journey is upon us - it's Result Day! After navigating through six core subjects, completing the Extended Essay, delving into Theory of Knowledge, and contributing to CAS activities, it's time to reap the rewards of your hard work.

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When will I receive my IB Results?

The IB results are released on July 5th and accessible to all students on Saturday, July 6th at 12 p.m. GMT.

How can I view my IB Results?

For May 2024 candidates, accessing your scores online begins on July 6th through this login portal. You'll need to enter your personal code and PIN, which should have been provided by your IB Coordinator earlier in the year.

If you don't immediately see your results, there's no need to worry! IB results are released gradually based on time zones. Be sure to reach out to your IB coordinator for specific timing details.

What's the Next Step?

Celebrate! Irrespective of your results, this is a significant and gratifying moment. You've given your best effort and surpassed what you once thought possible. It's certainly worthy of celebration.

This celebration isn't solely for today; it commemorates all the hard work and commitment you've invested throughout the two-year IBDP voyage.

How Do Universities Receive My IB Results?

Fortunately, in many countries, your results are automatically transmitted to the universities you've chosen via UCAS (conditional, firm, insurance options, etc.). There's no need for you to do anything further, as the universities will reach out to you directly.

You Have Ample Time to Explore Options

With just one month remaining until A-level results day, you have plenty of time to deliberate on your choices. Utilize this period to contemplate your interests, objectives, and aspirations, ensuring that your decisions about your next steps are well-informed.

In Summary

Approaching IBDP Result Day, keep a positive and composed mindset. Regardless of the outcome, acknowledge your achievements and the dedication you've displayed. Embrace your hard work and determination, and confidently progress in your academic journey.

Best of luck ahead!