Gear Up for the IBDP Nov 2023 Exam Sessions

Acknowledging the disruptions in global education due to the pandemic over the past three years, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is attuned to the challenges faced by students worldwide. Despite these hardships, the IB is unwavering in its commitment to aiding students in progressing to the next phase of their academic journey. A significant proportion of our students are anticipated to sit for the N23 IBDP Exams.

Navigating the Post-Pandemic IB Diploma Programme

For students enrolled in the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP), and Career-related Programme (CP) in 2023, completion of all exams is assured. Scores will be determined based on their performance across all components for each subject. The IB remains dedicated to supporting students by adapting the process of setting grade boundaries to consider the pandemic's impact on result distribution.

In fostering student readiness and readiness for the comprehensive range of tests in 2023, the IB will collaborate closely with educational institutions.

Reverting to the Patterns of May 2019

The IB aims for the awarding of marks in 2023 to align closely with the distribution observed in Nov 2019. Nevertheless, potential disruptions to learning might influence students' exam outcomes in 2023. Consequently, grade boundaries will be established in Nov 2023, considering any additional interruptions, therefore they might not be the same as those in May 2019.

The IB teams will work hand in hand with schools to provide continual updates, assistance, materials, and opportunities for queries and feedback.

IB Diploma Programme Examination Schedule

The exam sessions traditionally comprise two periods:

  • Morning session exams, scheduled to commence after 07:00 hours and conclude by 13:00 hours local time.

  • Afternoon session exams, set to begin after 12 noon and finish by 18:00 hours local time.

The Nov 2023 Examinations will span three Exam Zones: A, B, and C.

For your reference, the timetables for the Nov 2023 examination schedule for each Exam Zone are provided below:

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