Understand the importance of IB Grads in University Application

That PERFECT 45, sure. Everyone aspires to this score, but no one dares to hold out hope. Others decide they'd rather follow other hobbies while some people work extremely hard to earn good scores. Since you're reading this site in search of tips on how to perform better in school, you presumably fall into the first category.

Wherever you fall on the tryhard scale, keep in mind how important your IB scores are. Should you invest all of your work into studying so that you may perform well on the examinations and can 40+ points change your life? Alternatively, why not enjoy your youth and be kind to yourself? Like always, let's talk about what exactly it depends on.

What IB grades are required for top universities?

What university you want to attend is one of, if not the most, crucial aspects. But be careful not to lock yourself into one choice right away. Be flexible and prepared to fall back on other possibilities. You shouldn't try to make decisions for your future self because they haven't arrived yet. Your priorities will alter as you do. Be receptive to that and avoid getting in the way of your own growth. I'm not saying you need a plan; you should have a list of universities you could be interested in attending. Investigating your possibilities for the future is a good idea. I only urge you to be adaptable!

The academic requirements for universities vary greatly by area. If you want to enroll in one of the best institutions in the US or the UK, you must perform well. In the US, Princeton and Harvard have the highest cutoff scores at 42. A 7/7/6 grade split in your HLs and 40 points are required by Cambridge. Even with scores around 36, you still have a possibility to get into other prestigious universities, even though these numbers appear absurd.

Ivy Leagues: Are They Worth It?

Consider your reasons for wanting to attend a top university before making a decision. Consider whether attending an Ivy League university is worthwhile for you by comparing it to a conventional university. Contacting students at the university you wish to attend to learn about living there is a good idea.

Your application also matters, in addition to your IB grades.

You must submit an application of some sort to each university. The application procedure can be challenging, therefore it's a good thing the IB made you complete CAS.

Volunteering and participation in sports appear great on applications, but even with 38+ points you run the chance of being turned down without a strong application. Fortunately, there are several tools available to you, such as our admission tuition packages.

Getting into a university was not at all what motivated me to perform well in the IB or to earn 41 points.