Beyond IBDP – What Comes Next?

Congratulations! With the conclusion of the IB exam season (Thank goodness!), you can now begin a well-deserved summer break. While it may be some time before the results are announced, now is the perfect moment to plan your summer activities and contemplate your future options.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

First and foremost, take time to relish your achievement by unwinding or hosting a celebration upon receiving your IBDP diploma.

Additionally, if you're still undecided about your post-IB plans or career path, don't worry—there are numerous opportunities available. After completing your IBDP, you have a plethora of options, and everyone will naturally gravitate toward their own path.

Explore some of our post-IB graduation suggestions to find solutions to your queries.

Take a Breather and Rejuvenate

After conquering the demanding IBDP, it's essential to allocate some time to unwind and revitalize. Start by clearing your mind of the IBDP stress cloud to fully recuperate. Now is the ideal moment to binge-watch all the Netflix shows and movies on your list, enjoy solitary moments at the beach, or explore new hobbies and pastimes.

Considering November/May Re-Examinations?

If your IBDP grades fall short of expectations, retaking exams is a viable option. Typically, retakes for IBDP exams are available in November for the Northern Hemisphere and in May for the Southern Hemisphere. Opting for retakes provides an opportunity to enhance your grades and potentially elevate your overall academic performance. For assistance with retakes, Blen offers top-notch IB resources including key concepts, interactive questions, and revision materials.

Boost Your Income:

An excellent method to supplement your income during your free time is by securing employment or engaging in an internship. It's highly recommended to commence your search for internships immediately after completing the IBDP, as they play a pivotal role in achieving your future aspirations. Furthermore, gaining some experience will enhance your profile significantly.

Embrace a Gap Year:

Taking a year off from your studies allows you the opportunity to delve into various pursuits. If you have a passion for travel, now is the perfect time to plan your adventures. Many graduates use their gap year to gain fresh experiences, whether through exploration or by connecting with individuals from diverse cultures.

Jumpstart Your University Preparation:

Getting a head start on researching colleges and courses can be a time-saving strategy. Before delving into the university application process, begin by pinpointing your areas of interest and crafting your academic roadmap.

For further insights into University Admission guidelines, Blen offers a plethora of informative blogs.

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