Effective Ways to Keep Your Students Engaged With Academics

With the continuous world crisis and pandemic, a lot has happened. New challenges have been raised due to the school shutdown and students have found themselves totally diverted from the proper educational environment. Not to mention the fact, definitely these issues have taken a heavy toll on their mind and physical well-being. Students are usually struggling to get back to the routine they had before the pandemic. With this situation of student engagement going downhill, how a school instructor can play a role in keeping the students motivated and on track with their academics via tiny actions?

An IBDP teacher who keeps his students engaged with academics.

In this blog, Blen has gathered some creative ways to help your students remain connected with academics.

  • Socializing through activities and collaboration

One of the practical ways to keep students engaged with you and the academics is by social engagement and interactions. Teachers can build confidence and understanding connections with the students by allowing them to speak and share their experiences and problems. Ask the students about their career goals and plans, co-curricular activities and engagements to build a relationship of respect and trust.

  • Connect the curriculum with the real world

A more suitable approach to engage your students better with their studies is by connecting the classroom environment with the real world. Encourage students to think beyond the classroom by building a connection with the real world. Use real-life activities and examples in your teaching to make the teaching curriculum engaging and interesting for students. Talk about current affairs and ask for their opinions and views on global issues and what actions they can take to make a better world.

  • Encourage teamwork

Students learn more by working in groups than by working solely on a project. Teamwork offers numerous productive benefits such as listening and learning about other perspectives, ideas and opinions. Working in a team permits gaining more information and knowledge. Therefore, the teacher should arrange problem-solving activities and exercises that involve group work to promote students' collaboration with each other.

  •  Promote emotional engagement with joy and connection

Building an emotional relationship with students is important to promote positive and safe learning. Take efforts to make students feel safe to share their ideas, and thoughts in the classroom. One of the practical ways to create a good connection is by playing some music in the classroom and discussing with students about their musical tastes. 

Adding these practices to your teaching method will not only promote better learning but engage students more with academics and create a joyful environment. Remember to keep your students motivated, you have to stay motivated too.

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