A day in the life of an IBDP teacher

Navigating the Challenges and Rewards

Teaching in high schools, particularly within the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. Each day as an IB teacher brings new experiences and responsibilities. In this article, we explore a typical day in the life of an IB teacher, shedding light on the demands and tasks involved. With Blen as your guide, managing the stress of teaching becomes more manageable.

a day in the life of an ibdp teacher.

Arrival at the Institute:

Unlike some teachers who arrive just in time, many IB teachers, prefer to arrive early. This allows them to tie up loose ends from the previous day and adequately prepare for the day ahead.

Staff Meetings and Discussions:

Participating in morning staff meetings is crucial for IB teachers to stay informed and discuss important school matters with colleagues. These gatherings foster collaboration and ensure a cohesive educational environment.

 Teaching a Class:

IB teachers encounter students with varying levels of enthusiasm and engagement in class. For instance, language teachers may have students who enjoy exploring a new language while others may participate out of obligation. Engaging students throughout the lesson is vital. A typical IBDP lecture class lasts about 60 minutes, although teachers often have additional time to prepare and refine their lessons.

A day in the life of an ibdp teacher.

Planning and Organization:

Teachers are typically required to allocate some time after school to plan lessons, organize materials, and assess student assignments. Occasionally, IB teachers also attend staff meetings to contribute to school-wide initiatives and collaborative projects.

Conclusion of the Day:

While some teachers may choose to complete class test marking or lesson planning over the weekend, some prefer to finish their work during the day itself. By ensuring that they complete the tasks of the day, they maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Teaching in the IB program provides teachers with diverse experiences and responsibilities. Though it can be demanding, it offers flexibility and perks like generous holiday benefits. With dedication and effective time management, IB teachers like Claire successfully navigate the challenges of their profession.

In conclusion, each day as an IB teacher is a unique journey, filled with teaching, planning, organizing, and collaborating with colleagues. By embracing the demands of the profession and finding ways to manage workload efficiently, IB teachers can thrive and make a lasting impact on their students' educational journeys.