Top Advice to the New TOK Teachers

No matter how many years of teaching experience or knowledge you carry when getting familiar with a new teaching curriculum, the beginning is always challenging. Ultimately, you will get it over time. However, all those years of teaching knowledge will be advantageous for understanding a new study curriculum like IB TOK. One of the surprising facts about TOK is there is no established course content, therefore you can make use of your previous knowledge and skills.

TOK guide and basics

Generally, there are two types of assessments in TOK:

External assessment is based on an essay on a specific title and normally external assessment is worth 2/3 of the overall marks weightage whereas internal assessment includes an exhibition.

Now, one of the pinpoints to keep in mind is the maximum teaching hours allocated for both these assessments.

Top advice to the new tok teachers.

Make use of TOK guidance material

Keep a look and gather sample essays and exhibitions from the TOK teaching material provided by the IB. Be prepared to discuss and share the examples with your students to train them well for the TOK.

Accept assistance from colleagues TOK tutors

Some of your colleagues IB teachers have been teaching IB TOK for years and surely they have a good mastery of it, therefore, if you are new to it, you can seek assistance from your colleagues. Ask them for any good advice and helpful material they might use in most of the TOK teaching curriculum. 

Use a good TOK teaching approach

Design a good course outline and unit plans, note down that TOK exhibitions are usually in the first year of teaching, and Essay titles are given 6 months ahead of the deadline. Essays are based on the area of knowledge and submitted in the 2nd year of teaching.

TOK is structured on areas of knowledge and optional themes; you can use knowledge of frameworks, units of work and knowledge questions in your lesson plans.

Here's Blen's guide to a TOK lesson:

  • Use of teaching and learning resources inside the classroom.

  • Use of knowledge question.

  • Use of objects to help students for the TOK exhibition.

  • Practice writing sample reflective essays.

In a nutshell, try to take start by teaching those areas of the curriculum first that you are most sure and comfortable teaching with. As it can help you to make things manageable and normal for you and your students. Mainly, learning and understanding through teaching are good patterns to become a successful teacher.

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