A Comprehensive Guide on your TOK Journal

If you find the Theory of Knowledge Journal assignments somehow hard don’t worry, it is normal. No one is a master at everything but we all can start from somewhere. Here is a short guide for you on how to create a good TOK journal assignment. First things first, students shouldn't take the IBDP TOK journal assignment lightly since it is as equally important as the TOK essay. Both TOK essay and TOK journal assignment altogether make up the final score of the class.

Normally, a good practice is to write a journal on a weekly routine to give yourself adequate time to reflect on the ideas and to use your thinking skills in the most effective ways.

Points to be noted

  • The topic of the journal can be anything such as your personal experience about something or whatever you have learned in school.

  • Must be established on a real-life situation and examples.

  • You can choose whatever you want to write in the journal as long as it is in the required word range and based on real-life experience.

Αn IBDP student wondering "What is the TOK essay".


Starting your TOK Journal Entry

Again, it is totally up to you whatever you want to write in your TOK journal. However, it must meet some criteria such as:

  • A short description of what you are responding to, with a clear knowledge question and concise discussion about the question to give your teacher an idea of what you are covering.

  • Try to talk about your knowledge, culture or belief with a strong connection to a real-life situation.

Let's take it this way:

  • Create a situation, highlight a question, and introduce and discuss the knowledge question by connecting your discussions to the knowledge question.

Maximum word limit for the TOK Journey entry

There is no specific word limit however Blen suggests students to keep their TOK journal entry limit within 500 to 600 words. Also, try to avoid plagiarism as it is considered a serious offence in academic terms. Before submitting your journal, give it a quick review to minimize any errors.

What to cover?

Here are some of the points that you can cover in your journal to make it outstanding among others:

  • Using a great starting point by covering your emotions and reactions to the things you encountered.

  • Something that inspired you.

  • A quick evaluation of your learning through the class lessons and subject areas.


Blen hopes that this guide will be valuable for you in developing your TOK Journal assignment.

Remember that, everyone starts from somewhere.

Good luck, Blen!