Three Valuable Lesson I gained from my TOK Experience

Indeed, the IBPD journey is no less than a roller coaster ride yet it also prepares you for so many amazing things that you can take ahead in your lifeHere is one of the stories of an IBDP graduate "Leah Michael" who shares her Theory of knowledge (TOK) IBDP experience and how this journey prepared her for the race of life. 

Everyone's IB diploma program journey varies. Maybe, one person finds something particularly challenging while for the other person, it can be trouble-free. But, one of the common specialties IBDP offers to everyone is the unique Theory of knowledge experience. Typically, IBDP students find the TOK curriculum twisting and challenging and the same goes for me.

Frankly, When I first started my TOK journey, I didn't understand what I was studying. Now, when I think about those old days and reflect, I feel the TOK experience is one of the best experiences of the IBDP journey that not only trains you for the IB assessment but also enables you to analyze, and understand the situation and what approach you should use to crack the problems. 

Usually, we all believe that the subjects such as physics, maths or biology should be prioritized and only these are useful in life. But, what I have observed from the theory of knowledge experience is it's not only about the learning just to pass the assessment, it actually about is what have you earned from that knowledge which you can devote in practical life as well.

So, here's what I have gained!

A fantastic tool to acquire knowledge about the Universe

The Universe is so vast and hard to comprehend but the theory of knowledge curriculum makes it so possible to disclose the hard secrets of the universe in a comprehensible and fun way. It provides a framework that reveals the universal realities systematically. For example, using oil paintings and music dynamics to describe the texture of fire and sound rather than complex mathematical equations.

Offers an opportunity to learn and analyze deeply

TOK offers you a great opportunity to think, reflect and analyze what you have understood from the concepts. For example, my personal experience was whenever I discover something new, I used to reflect deeply and ask myself questions about what I know. TOK showed me to reflect on my understanding uniquely and equipped me to question myself and concentrate on what I believe and think.

Theory of knowledge is limitless

Knowledge cannot be gained merely through books or attending schools. It is an infinite journey that continues through your lifetime. We cannot escape from it, yet we can comprehend and implement it through our insight and understanding.

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