Magic of TOK Journal Rubric Explained

Undeniably, writing a TOK journal is a demanding task. But, don't forget when you know what to write it is not as tough as it seems. You just have to understand the rubric and surely you can nail it.

Here is the guide to understanding the TOK rubric in simple words:

To provide you with a clear picture of the dos and don'ts of the TOK journal we have summed up this article in all the possible ways to make your TOK journal journey smooth.

Points to be noted

  • TOK journal is scored out of 7 and adds up to the class total grade.

  • Try to obtain at least a 6 score out of 7 again.

  • Don't go off the topic. 

  • Keep it relevant. 

  • Focus on the prompt and make it clear and concise.


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A brief explanation of the TOK rubric journal rubric:

Irrelevant 1 Mark

You will likely to get a 1 mark for a murky journey entry which means teachers consider that the student has not put in the necessary action and has not engaged with the assignment properly. This behavior shows that the student has neglected to focus on the prompt of the assignment and has gone off the topic by covering irrelevant content. In this case, students are often asked the resubmission of the assignment with detention.

Elementary 2 Marks

Teachers often grade 2 marks based on understanding the knowledge question but again going irrelevant and against the topic. The efforts show the student has engaged but failed to provide enough clearance to cover up the arguments. Such as, adding overly descriptive words which results into an unstructured journal and disconnected data.

Basic 3 Marks

The journal focuses on the knowledge question but does not cover adequate description. Such as, limited connection to the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Arguments used are opaque with zero examples to back them up.

Satisfactory 4 Marks

Obtaining a score of 4 means that student has focused on the material and presented a development with the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Student has used clear examples with the argument yet it lacks some basic count claims.

Magic of tok journal rubric explained.

Very Good 5 Marks

A student can score 5 out of 7 if their TOK journal entry has formed a connection of the knowledge question with the selected prompt. Also a link with the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge has also been developed in the journal. Clear ideas with the good real life examples are coated to make the writing thoughtful and coherent.

Excellent 6 to 7 Marks

Obtaining 6 out of 7 means, student has a clear understanding of the knowledge question. A good investigation is conducted relevant to the prompt. As far as the analysis of knowledge is concerned, student has provided sufficient arguments with the real life examples to back them up.

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