What IB Scores Do I Need to Get into A Top US or UK University?

If you're looking at top universities in the US or UK, knowing where the IB matters and what scores you need to gain admission to world-leading universities is important, your search is over now.

Blen brings you a crisp summary of what IB Scores you need to crack your dream university.


US Universities

In the US, universities don't publish the exact cutoff scores for the IB Diploma Program. You'll need a balanced mix of sixes and sevens (no fewer than six) in your subjects if you wish to apply to the Ivy League and other more elite universities for a chance at admission.

A score in the 40s will increase your academic competitiveness (note that many non-academic elements are in play), but a 38 or higher is still regarded as a strong IB score.

You don’t want to drop below the 36-point threshold if you're going for the Ivies. Your application must be outstanding overall to make up for a score on the lower end if it is lower than 36.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), requires students to earn a minimum of five points in each HL course. However, because admissions are so tough (UCLA receives the most applications of any US university), most accepted students often have test scores of 38 or higher.

The table shows IB scores from Blen students who got into top US universities

IB Scores for Top US Universities

 Table of ib scores for us universities.

UK Universities

Most colleges will take into account both your overall IB DP mark and your performance in certain HL topics.

For instance, a candidate must have a total DP grade of 38 points and at least a six in three HL subjects to be considered for the English Language and Literature program at Christchurch College, University of Oxford.

Here’s a look at some UK universities’ IB score requirements for their most competitive courses:

University of Cambridge:

  • Course: Natural Sciences
  • IB cut-off: 40 points + 7/7/6 at higher level

University College London:

  • Course: History
  • IB cut-off: 39 points + 19 at higher level

University of Oxford:

  • Course: English
  • IB cut-off: 38 points + 6/6/6 at higher level

Bristol University:

  • Course: Maths
  • IB cut-off: 38 points + 6/6 at higher level

Durham University:

  • Course: Law
  • IB cut-off: 36 points + 6/6/6 at higher level

The IB score requirements for UK institutions vary based on the degree, however, they often stay within a fairly narrow range. Below is the summary of the IB scores of previous batches of Blen students who were accepted to prestigious UK universities in the table below.

IB Scores for Top UK Universities

Table of ib scores for uk universities.

Is IB Diploma Program preferred by these UK or US Universities?

The Diploma Program demands extensive individual study and self-discipline and might include up to twice the amount of material as your school's core curriculum. You must excel in every academic area, including two languages, not simply the arts, humanities, or sciences.

It also calls for participation in extracurricular activities like athletics and volunteer work.

If you perform well, the greatest approach to highlight your strength as a candidate for institutions is with an IB qualification.

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