IB Diploma Program | Indeed a tough choice

Undoubtedly, completing an IB diploma program is not simple. It takes a lot of skill and effort to eventually achieve it, and it is in fact really difficult. The data in this article is based on the students' top to lowest overall average scores as reported in the 2021 International Baccalaureate statistical bulletin.

The information is acquired after looking at the lowest grade point that students in a certain subject or course received in 2021.

Language and Literatures studies (Group 1)
 English A Literature HL 
Average grade point: 4.78 out of 7 
English A Literature in HL is a single course in the IB program in which candidates have got the lowest score than other English A subjects. The percentage of students who scored the highest number is 2.5%.

Language Acquisition (Group 2)
 Spanish AB SL
Average grade point: 4.98 out of 7
The Spanish AB Initio is among the courses in which students have secured the lowest grades as compared to the Spanish B HL in which a high number of candidates obtained the highest score of 7.

Individuals and Societies (Group 3)
History HL
Average grade point: 3.98 out of 7
History is shockingly among the courses with the lowest marks obtained by the students. Therefore, it is highly recommended to the students to prepare themselves for writing large essays if they want to secure a good score in History. 

Experimental Sciences (Group 4)
Chemistry HL
Average grade point: 4.22 out of 7
One of the factors analyzed is, the sciences subjects in HL have the lowest score level than the sciences in SL and according to the IB statistical bulletin 2021; Chemistry is the toughest course with a score of 2 by 18% of the students.

Mathematics Study (Group 5)
Mathematics AA SL
Average grade point: 4.17 out of 7
Both AA and AL Mathematics courses are offered in SL and HL are considered as hardest courses. Therefore, it is one main reason that students find it hard to secure a very good grade in it.

Arts Studies (Group 6)
 Visual Arts
Average grade point: 4.26
Among all the arts subjects visual arts is concluded as the lowest achieved score. Hence, it is on the list of hardest IB diploma subjects.

Conclusion: The IB diploma is not easy to obtain, but by choosing courses based on their difficulty and aptitude, students can achieve good scores.