A word of advice from an IB Grad on how to ace your IAs

Upcoming deadlines for IA submissions; are you prepared? IA guidance from IBDP Experts holds your hand every step of the way and makes what formerly terrified the bejeezus out of you less scary than a kitten gritting its teeth. I've met many students who, I assure you, were probably even more anxious than you are.

Have no idea what to write about in your IAs?

'If you want to explore, you have to talk to someone,' They can advise you on how to pick a subject that will be both engaging to you (which is vital for an IA!) and workable for the IA. They are aware of appropriate behavior. If you have a concept in mind but are unclear whether the IB would appreciate it, this understanding may also be helpful.

But just remember that they are not all-knowing. Before commenting on whether it is a good idea, your instructor may need to dig up the specifics of what you're suggesting to make sure they fully grasp it. Additionally, they are unable to truly choose the IA topic for you; rather, we can only offer advice on how to come up with something intriguing.

When the Experiment/Investigation Doesn’t Go as Planned

IA investigations frequently do not turn out as expected, which is a regrettable but recurring tendency. What you anticipated to occur simply doesn't. The results of your book analysis are the exact opposite of what you anticipated.

I experienced all of these misfortunes many times. For instance, in my chemistry experiment, my titration setup was ineffective and produced practically meaningless findings. For a while, I was quite worried out because I thought my experiment had failed. I wish I had had a tutor at that time to lead me through potential repairs and remedies that could have saved the situation. Fortunately, I was able to make a different setup work, although it wasn't without some stress.

Does IA Proofreading help?

You need not ask me why proofreading is so crucial. Not simply spelling errors and missing commas are corrected. Making sure the examiner fully comprehends what you are saying is important. to paraphrase a famous writer,

Naturally, you want another person to read your essay so you can be sure it is readable. Why not hire someone who is knowledgeable on the subject of your IA? Your parents and friends may be able to make some sense of it, but it's vital to have someone who truly understands the topic inside and out provide you with comments. We obviously can't edit your work for you or tell you what to write, but we can point you in the right direction.

Some of Blen's best minds have gathered to create IA guides on a few different subjects. Check those out right now. If you want a broad overview, they are a big assistance.