A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing History IA Topics

The selection of History IA ideas poses a significant challenge for many IB students. Apart from brainstorming suitable topics, evaluating the quality of sources becomes crucial for the task. To facilitate your work, we have compiled a list of History IA topics that exemplify what makes a good choice.

History Internal Assessment, with SL and HL variants, contributes 25% and 20% respectively to the overall marks. With the freedom to explore a topic of personal interest, completing the assignment within the given timeframe becomes more feasible.

A Culture Revolution post of China in 1970s.

Understanding Internal Assessment (IA)

Internal Assessment (IA) is a crucial component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum across all subjects. The nature and weightage of the IA vary depending on the subject. It provides students with the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic of interest within the subject, with guidance from their teacher or tutor. However, generating IA topic ideas can be challenging. To assist you, we have compiled a list of unique history IA ideas that will ignite your curiosity. Read on to explore!

A comprehensive guide to choosing history IA topics.

What makes a Strong History IA

A well-crafted IA should reflect your genuine interest in the topic and demonstrate your learning journey. It doesn't necessarily have to be complex or intricate. Instead, a clearly defined research question, a coherent structure, and evident personal engagement that showcases your knowledge will contribute to a good grade.

25 Distinctive History IA Ideas

  1. Assess the success of Mao's political campaign and the Cultural Revolution.

  2. Analyze the impact of WWII on the women's movement in the United States.

  3. Explore the involvement of foreign powers in the Rwandan Genocide.

  4. Evaluate the significance of the Haitian slave revolution as the most successful revolution to date.

  5. Examine the failure of the League of Nations in preventing WWII.

  6. Investigate the influence of Germany's involvement in the Spanish Civil War on its outcome.

  7. Assess the effects of Stalin's agricultural policies on the Ukrainian Famine.

  8. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Stalin's 5-year Plans for the USSR.

  9. Explore the establishment of Stalin's states at the expense of the Soviet people.

  10. Assess the extent of Germany's responsibility for WWI.

  11. Examine the impact of foreign intervention on Mozambique's stabilization process.

  12. Evaluate how Belgian colonial rule hindered the stabilization of Congo.

  13. Analyze the significance of the Plessy v. Ferguson Case on the Civil Rights Movement.

  14. Assess the success or failure of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  15. Explore the progress made by the civil rights movement between 1950 and 1964.

  16. Evaluate the positive or negative aspects of civil rights campaign methods.

  17. Analyze Margaret Sanger's role as an advocate for Birth Control and Women's Rights.

  18. Assess the importance of nationalism in German unification in 1871.

  19. Examine the extent of fascism in Spain after Franco's victory.

  20. Explore how Yugoslavia's ethnic makeup contributed to its breakup.

  21. Assess Slobodan Milosevic's significant role in the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

  22. Analyze how European Colonialism hindered the democratic evolution of the colonizers.

  23. Evaluate the impact of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points on Europe's peace process.

  24. Compare the effectiveness of the peace-making process after WWII with that after WWI.

  25. Assess whether Spain ceased to be a dictatorship after 1933, despite Franco's continued rule.

History IA topic of the spanish Civil War.

Points to Consider Before Choosing

To summarize, the IB History Internal Assessment involves a 2200-word historical investigation. It allows you to explore any historical controversy, event, or actors that capture your interest. To achieve a good grade, select a topic that occurred more than ten years ago to enable thorough investigation. We hope the topics listed above have ignited your enthusiasm, making it easier for you to create an exceptional history IA.

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