Was hustling through IBDP worth my time?

Undoubtedly, the IB diploma program is believed to be the most appropriate program for high school students having countless perks. But often this question baffles the minds of many; whether taking the IB diploma program will worth it and what privileges it offers for your university application?

In this article, you will discover the answers to all your queries after hearing from the IB graduates. Here are some true suggestions and opinions of some of the IB diploma program graduates regarding the IB program.

“IBDP is a key to lifetime success!” - Mateo Ruiz (IBDP Graduate 2019)

" Your grades, assignments, and topics of study are important, but your adventure during the entire program will be with you forever. A key to success! No one is totally qualified for the best prospects; you are being chosen for your abilities and your capacities to thrive in particular circumstances that are wholly worthwhile the efforts.”

Mateo Ruiz is an engineering student at British Columbia University in Canada. He earned his IB diploma from Gems International School, Dubai, UAE.

“IBDP is a multifaceted learning approach” - Juan Cavero (2021 IBDP Graduate)

Juan says "She has become more adept at seeing things from various angles thanks to the IB diploma program. The IB diploma not only teaches you how to organize your reflection but also how to effectively communicate your views to others."

Juan couldn't be more pleased with her choice to pursue the IB rather than the A-Levels. She absolutely adored how CAS pushed her to experience things she never would have otherwise tried.

“IBDP is a gateway to the world of opportunities”  - Ibrahim Ali (2021 IBDP Graduate)

"The IB program has established critical thinking and open talk process in me. During the 2 years of my IB program, I got the chance to study and learn different subjects and languages which was totally an unusual experience for me."

“IBDP is simply a jackpot for lifetime” – Maria Alexino (2017 IBDP Graduate)

"Before starting the IB program, I wasn't sure what I'd do with my degree, but the program allowed me the flexibility to choose from a variety of possibilities that I could use after finishing my graduate studies. The abilities I developed for the Extended Essay component have honed my academic writing techniques and supported me throughout my undergraduate studies.”

Maria has completed Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing and is preparing for her Masters.

Yes, you heard correctly—IB offers a number of chances and lifetime advantages. You will have many moments where you want to give up, but when you reflect back on your life in a few years, you won't regret enrolling in an IB program.