What is IB System of Teaching?

The main vision of the International Baccalaureate program is to familiarize, guide, equip, and inquire students through an educational approach that not only prepares them for their tomorrow but also orients them to make a better world through their efforts. IB is not merely a goal to score by the students but even for the teachers. However, getting into IB or becoming an IB instructor is not a straightforward task. You have to do a grind to get some experience. To get familiar with IB or to jump into this field one has to take start from somewhere. This might sound a tad outlandish. But, everything is achievable if you have the will to do it!

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IB teaching career and opportunities abroad

IB offers so many fantastic opportunities for educators to grow and utilize their potential for a good cause. Considerable leadership opportunities and programs are offered abroad to expand and develop more in the IB career amongst which include program coordinator or CAS supervisor. Some of these roles might require two or three years of teaching experience. Therefore, it is better to take a start first to get some good potential experience for roles like these.

Strategies to earn IB teaching experience

  • Understand the system

Anyone preparing to hop into an IBDP teaching career shall take a teaching start from 16-18 years or high school level classes. With that undertaking, you can enhance your knowledge of how IB teaching system works, and what is IB program in reality. This will also assist you to know the syllabus and assessment style of the IB curriculum.

  • Utilize IB learner profile 

Comprehend the IB deeply, you can discover and get an idea of a lot of things related to IB from the IB learner's profile which includes the approaches to teaching in the classroom and how to employ these codes to the students.

  • Take a stab from home

It is suitable to start teaching IB from your home country if you desire to lead IB abroad. Get your hands-on experience from your home country and familiarize yourself with the IB curriculum. Multiple schools and IB institutes in the states and United Kingdom offers IB teaching opportunities to newbies to initially acquire some experience before heading off abroad.


In conclusion, you can also attend workshops, and leadership training offered by IB for IB educators. Several universities globally present IB educator certification which is a fine catch to take your IB teaching profession to another level.