Conquering IB English Paper 2: Key Tips for Top Marks

IB English Paper 2 presents an opportunity to showcase your understanding of literature within a specific context. In this blog post, we will explore six essential elements to focus on as you prepare for the exam, paving the way for excellent performance and achieving top marks.

Conquering IB english paper 2 key tips for top marks.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Genres:

Develop an understanding of the basic genres of literature, such as gothic, magical realism, bildungsroman, dystopian, modernist, fantasy, romance, historical, crime, and thriller. Knowing these genres will enable you to recognize their defining characteristics and effectively analyze texts within their respective genres.

2. Consider Socio-Historical and Literary Movements:

Context is crucial. Understand the historical and political backdrop in which a literary work was created. Consider movements such as feminism, civil rights, apartheid, political ideologies, and significant events of the time. Examining the socio-historical context provides valuable insights and enhances your interpretation of the text.

3. Analyze Styles:

Pay attention to the narrative voice, tense, and style employed by the author. Identify whether the narrative is in first person, third person, or an unconventional second-person/over the shoulder narration. Determine if the novel is written in past or present tense. Familiarize yourself with narrative techniques like stream-of-consciousness. Analyzing and explaining the chosen style effectively adds depth to your analysis.

4. Plan Your Essay:

Allocate ten minutes for planning before you begin writing. A well-structured outline saves time and ensures a coherent and logical essay. Include an introduction that poses an intriguing question, provides necessary factual information, and presents your main idea. Plan the main body paragraphs, assigning specific points for each paragraph along with supporting evidence and analysis. Lastly, outline your conclusion, summarizing your main points and providing final contextual connections.

5. Practice with Blen Concepts and Exam-Style Questions:

Reviewing past papers exposes you to the types of questions that commonly appear. Blen has already categorized these questions into themes and practice writing essays on common topics. Examples may include exploring the representation of justice, the impact of setting, or analyzing a particular narrative voice. Utilize 100% curriculum aligned resources curated by IBDP Examiners and Teachers on Blen to refine your essay-writing skills and enhance your familiarity with the exam format.

6. Compare and Contrast:

In many cases, you will compare and contrast two literary works. From the beginning, consider your texts side by side, identifying points of contrast and similarity. Look beyond surface differences and explore thematic connections. Examine shared themes, such as political crises, power dynamics, human resilience, or societal limitations. Even seemingly dissimilar novels can reveal surprising commonalities upon deeper analysis.

By incorporating these six key elements into your preparation for IB English Paper 2, you will strengthen your analytical skills and enhance your chances of achieving top marks.

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