M24 Exam Revision Course: Crack IBDP Math AA

Navigating through an untested syllabus is no easy feat, but you've conquered it! Congratulations! You've reached the final stretch of your IBDP journey - the FINALS.

Blen understands that grasping the conceptual foundation of each topic is essential for tackling unfamiliar questions. Right now, every IBDP Mathematics student is grappling with the question: "Where do I even begin?" That's precisely why Blen has developed a 2-Week Revision Course ahead of the May 2024 Examination - to help you approach this exam with greater confidence and ace it effortlessly.

IB Mathematics AA Paper

Over the past three years, the IB mathematics curriculum has undergone substantial revisions with complicated and complex concepts and applications of these concepts.

Blen is your dedicated resource, ready to equip you with essential concepts and ample practice. Our goal is to help you pinpoint any gaps in your knowledge, adopt intelligent study strategies, and engage in rigorous practice on the Blen platform. Through this approach, you can not only expand your understanding but also achieve breakthroughs in your mathematical proficiency.

2- Week Revision Planner

 Week 1:

Week 1 of revision planner to crack IBDP Math AA exams.

 Week 2:

Week 2 of revision planner to crack IBDP Math AA exams. 

Comprehensive 2-Week Revision Schedule Offers:

  • Practice essential concepts

  • Topic-wise Test

  • Build Own Test by choosing the appropriate topic and timer

  • Mock Test for Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3(HL)

  • Tailored predictive papers designed for the May 2024 Examinations

Cultivate a Deeper Conceptual Comprehension

Absolutely! Undoubtedly, the cornerstone of excelling in any Mathematics Examination is practice. However, given the significant transition in the mathematics curriculum, it is now more essential than ever to nurture a comprehensive conceptual understanding of the questions and bridge any foundational pre-IB gaps.

Repetition for Mastery: The Key to Success

The technique of Spaced Repetition, a thoroughly researched method, is both straightforward and remarkably efficient for mastering nearly any subject. In mathematics, the application of this technique, involving spaced-out revisions at timed intervals, has been proven as the most crucial and indispensable approach for learning and retaining mathematical skills and knowledge over an extended period.

Blen extends its best wishes for success in your upcoming May 2024 Examinations!

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