Why IBDP is the most challenging pre-university course?

You must have heard rumors and false notions as a kid that say getting an IB diploma is equivalent to climbing Everest. However, opinions on this matter vary depending on who you ask. However, not everyone can successfully complete an IB program, so let's concentrate on the truth and avoid the falsehoods.

How challenging is the IB diploma in practice?

IB is actually not that difficult, but it depends on a few things, like your choice of subjects, your area of interest, and your willingness to study.

How many people actually pass the IB exam?

You must have asked yourself this question at least once: "Can I pass the IB exam?" or "What percentage of pupils pass the IB exam?" Furthermore, if you make an estimate, it must be 50%. However, this is untrue. It is guaranteed that 4 out of 5 students will pass the tests each year because to the IB diploma program's passing record, which ranges from 78 to 80 per cent globally.

So, your chances of getting an IB diploma easily are higher.

What is the average score in IB diploma?

You may now be wondering what the typical score a student can achieve in the IB program. We have all the information you need, so don't worry. According to the 2021 report, the average student score is 29.3, and if you score 30, you will undoubtedly get accepted to the best universities in the world.

What is the possibility of achieving a perfect score?

The highest score is 45 and achieving it surely needs a lot of hard work and dedication and even several students do score this number every year so it is not an unachievable job but still requires a real grind.

What are the advantages of an IB diploma?

Considering the benefits of choosing an IB diploma program might encourage you to believe that your efforts are not going to be wasted. 

Have a look yourself at the benefits of an IB diploma program:

  • Possibilities of admission to the best universities in the world.

  • Less likelihood of failing a university-level subject.

  • Two opportunities for acceptance into the dental and medical schools.

  • Salary premiums above A-levels.

  • Increased employment prospects

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