Business Management IA SL: Complete Guide

If you are looking for more comprehensive guidelines regarding SL business management, then you are at the right place. Before heading to guidelines, just take a brief overview of SL business management.

What is IBDP Business Management SL IA?

It is worth 25 marks business-related assignment, and you have to choose the business-related questions. Use at least 5 data analyses and use the most miniature data tools for analysis. Just focus on a single business with the expected word count of 1500.

IBDP Business SL IA Outline:

You have to follow the following structure to outline SI business management.

Title page:

In this section, we highlight the following points.

  • Research question 
  • The business audience has written for the target audience. 
  • IB number is written in   the proper format
  • Session
  • Word count

Content page:

 The content page gives the following information with the corresponding page number.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Introduction
  • Methodology a
  • Analysis & discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Work cited 
  • Appendices


This part shows your gratitude to your teacher, students or anyone who helped you. This part is not included in the word count. It must be direct to the point and easy to write.


In the introductory part, you set the scene for SL Business management internal assessment. you have to write down the company name and explain what it does? Relate it to your research question and why your research is essential for the company. It is suggested to keep it around 150 words.


Your methodology indicates the part of the course you’ll explore and issues why such tools and chapters are essential, and tools are used.  Declare how you picked 3 to 5 sources for SL business management.

Your explanation should demonstrate that you spend enough time and thought to bring a clear perspective. Also, provide a clear explanation of the relevant sources to your research. You should also present the swot analysis.

It can not exceed 200 words.

Analysis and Discussion:

You have to use 3 to 4 techniques to do the analysis. It is vital to link the tools to give a clear picture of how tools are used to answer the questions.

The suggested word count is 900.


You have to limit your conclusion to 250 words. So, you have a small room to write a conclusion. A reasonable conclusion summarises your analysis. It should not introduce new facts that are not mentioned in the analysis. It should be a clear answer to your analysis.

Work cited:

You have to cite your work using MLA format. You have to use 3 to 5 sources used.


 In this section, you have t use 3 to 5 copies of the supporting document with their respective labels. Also, write down the part of the supporting document used in the analysis.

It is suggested that you also use 3 to 4 secondary sources and feature different viewpoints relevant to the business management issues you decided to investigate. Use recent facts and credible news sites to complete your SL business management.

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