Basics about your Math AA/AI Internal Assessment

Many students find it hard to study mathematical concepts. IB math is the most struggling phase for the people doing diplomas. However, this process helps you understand IA logic that you never previously knew.

Internal assessment is an individual assessment that the subject teacher evaluates. Alongside the criteria, students' sample work i-e oral performance, portfolio, and lab report also submitted to the IB.  Blen provides complete guidelines on structuring math IA that make you score high.

What is the structure of Math AA/AI Internal Assessment?


Math IA begins with a super clear exploration in the context of what you aim to find out. It shows your engagement with the topic; why are you interested in it? Is it relevant to your life? Do you have prior knowledge of the topic?

What are you trying to achieve? Do you have to tell me how you aim to achieve sold investigation?


The body of IA should focus on the topic you chose to investigate and relevant mathematical material that will answer the aim of the work. You have to consider the level of clarity_ IB students are awarded maximum marks for using mathematics.


Besides all asses, you also include solid conclusions that summarise the research. Your body tells you what conclusion did you reach? Did you succeed in exploring? Exploring the theme that sets in the beginning.

Did you explore some challenges in your life? And what could you explore with more time and challenges? How does your involvement allow you to explore different mathematics topics?


Your report should include a complete bibliography of all the references you used throughout your essay. It is added at the end of the essay; it references all the quotes you used in your essay.


If you want to add any information relevant to the essay, whether in the form of graphs, tables, or diagrams, it should be included in the appendix.

You might want to add mathematical terms, definitions, terminologies etc.


After the structure and comprehensive Math IA, you have to put the findings of your analysis and reveal a complex understanding of the topic.

 Examples of the topic you may choose for your internal assessment is surface area, geometry, calculus, equations, statistics, linear regression etc. 

What is the format of writing for Math AA/AI Internal Assessment?

Use double line spacing:

It is recommended to use double line spacing along with Arial & time Roman at 12 pt. You may write it in a word processing file or handwritten. But we recommend you use a word file to make it easier for your teacher to understand.

Add diagrams and graphs:

You should include diagrams and graphs that depict your research. It should be labelled so the examiner gets the clarity of the topic.

Note: it should not add it in the appendices at the end of the essay.

It is essential to your research that you clearly understand the examples you have included in your analysis.

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