Summer Strategy to get to 7 on your IBDP Chemistry Exams

Can you believe it! You are already halfway through your IBDP. Nothing can be better than the relaxed summer vacation to unwind IB stress as well as prepare well to take on to the DP2.

Blen thinks that keeping track of your prior knowledge and accomplishments is the key to getting the most out of your summer revision days. Avoid performing the same task twice! And this is precisely why Blen has designed a 5-Week Revision Course to pave your path to score 7 in your IBDP Finals.

IB Chemistry Paper

IB Chemistry course is incredibly dense with information, pictures, equations, and other materials. If you don't organize your IB Chemistry studies, too much knowledge may occasionally freak you out.

Pre-planning your revision days is the best strategy to study more effectively and achieve higher marks. You can schedule events, monitor your progress, and maintain organization much more effectively with Blen Reports.

5-Week Summer Revision Planner


This 5-Week Summer Revision Planner includes:

  • Review of Key Concepts Notes on Blen
  • Topic Test
  • Build Own Test by choosing the appropriate topic and timer
  • Mock Test for Paper 1 and Paper 2

Familiar yourself with the Data booklet

The content of the IBDP chemistry course, from Stoichiometry to Organic Chemistry, requires a large amount of data and knowledge that is impossible to memorize. IBDP Chemistry Data Booklet is a handy resource to help you master the information. The key to success is knowing your data booklet and becoming familiar with its use as you work through the questions. Click here to download the IB Chemistry Data Booklet.

Killer Technique to Stay Focused

Take brief breaks, but not too many, between your IBDP revision sessions. The Pomodoro method is a great way to maintain attention while maximizing the results of your study sessions. Take a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of studying, repeat this process four times, and then concentrate on a longer study session. This will give you new energy and keep your attention on your academics.

Well, don’t burn out! Blen suggests you take it easy this summer and try to relax a little bit as well.