What do I wish I’d have done differently during my IB?

As a student getting some valuable guidelines from someone who has been through the same journey is nothing less than a blessing. We as humans always desire to stay in a safer bubble. Even, we wish that we could have known things before, the exact guilt I have. I wish I would have taken a different yet specific path to make my IB programme journey a bit smoother. 

Never mind, today I am going to share some untold steps with you that I wish I would have taken during my IB studies.

  • Schedule better

I wish I could have separated my timetable for each activity. As IB students, we go through a challenging routine, from going to school 6 days a week to taking lectures the whole day and then returning home to finish the homework assignments is the usual routine of an IB programme student. Honestly, now I am an IB graduate and I wish that I would have divided my schedule for all the activities. For example, scheduling a time for studies, relaxation, and homework. If you perform in the way suggested, you can surely find some more time to work on other activities.

  • Stay optimistic

Staying upbeat can help you to make progress better. I wish I had been more optimistic during my IB journey. Yes, understood, no one can stay cheerful all the time, No matter, how hard we push we all go through a gloomy phase once or twice a week. IB programme is undoubtedly not a straightforward journey, yet it can be handled nicely if you take some alternative measures. You surely gonna need the right vibes to keep your mind both functional and fresh. In this way, your focus will be clear towards your goal. So, just try to stay a little more optimistic. I hope this will work for you!

  • Have a clear stance

Having a clear view is very essential for your IB programme journey. As students, we try to focus on scoring grades, but frankly, life is far broader than merely scoring A's or 90s. Think out of the study aspect and try out extracurricular because you will miss everything when you will be an IB graduate.

I hope, you will make your IB programme journey way better than mine.

Lastly, don’t forget to have Blen by your side in this adventurous journey. 

Sending my best wishes to you!