Why Hiring a Qualified Teacher as a Tutor is the Smart Option?

When it comes to choosing a tutor for your child, it's important to consider the qualifications and expertise of the individual. While there are many tutors available, one option that stands out is hiring a qualified teacher.

In this blog post, we will explore seven reasons why qualified teachers make excellent tutors and why they should be your top choice.

A qualified teacher smiling in the classroom with other IBDP Tutors.

1. Teachers have been trained to teach:

Qualified teachers have undergone rigorous training programs to gain their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This training equips them with the necessary skills to plan and deliver effective lessons, assess progress, personalize learning, and engage students. They are experts in transforming their subject knowledge into engaging lessons that promote optimal learning.

2. Teachers have proven they can teach:

Becoming a teacher involves meeting strict criteria, including a competitive selection process and rigorous training. Teachers undergo thorough vetting through interviews, teaching observations, and group activities. After qualifying, they go through the same selection process to secure a teaching job. Choosing a teacher as a tutor ensures that their teaching capability and suitability to work with children have been thoroughly assessed.

3. Teachers are professionals governed by professional standards:

Teaching is a highly-regulated profession governed by the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). Teachers must meet strict standards of competence and adhere to a professional code of conduct. They are accountable for maintaining high standards of work and conduct, and their suitability to work with children is continuously monitored.

4. Teachers are accountable:

The importance of education places teachers in the spotlight, both in the media and in their professional environment. They are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards in their work and conduct. Lesson observations, ongoing training, and a system of management and oversight ensure that teachers maintain these standards.

5. Teacher training never ends:

Teachers are committed to continuous professional development (CPD). They stay up-to-date with educational changes, improvements in teaching practice, and share good practice with colleagues. Through CPD programs, teachers continually enhance their teaching practice to provide the best education for their students.

6. Teachers have intimate knowledge of the examination system:

Teachers work within the education system and possess inside knowledge of the examination process. They have access to a network of knowledge and resources that private tutors may not have. Additionally, many teachers work as examiners, providing them with a deep understanding of mark schemes and assessment processes.

7. Teachers care about children and education:

Teaching is a vocation driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. Most teachers are passionate about children and education, and they take on the immense responsibility of the job with dedication and care.

While qualifications are important, effective teaching extends beyond subject knowledge. Qualified teachers possess the necessary skills, training, and experience to deliver excellent tuition. They are adept at transforming their knowledge into accessible lessons, adapting their teaching to individual needs, and ensuring students' progress.

When choosing a tutor, hiring a qualified teacher is a smart choice that guarantees expertise, professionalism, and a deep commitment to education.

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