Four Spooky Myths about IBDP

The International Baccalaureate program has been in action for more than 50 years and is valued as a well-reputed educational program worldwide. Meanwhile, with all the buildup and standards; IB has established over all these years, some fake myths and misunderstandings among IBDP learners need to be addressed.

In this article, Blen will be addressing some spooky myths about the IBDP in comparison with the high educational standard of the program to present the reader with a better picture of the program.blen ib diploma programme

No. 1 IBDP is merely a pre-University course

One of the typical myths about IBDP is; students often assume that it is just a pre-university trial program without acknowledging the genuine benefits that IBPD offers such as skills, career options, and adaptable thinking. Furthermore, such myths are often circulated by people having zero knowledge of what is the program actually about and what it offers. IBDP is one of the most useful educational programs that prepare learners for cooperation, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving.

No. 2 IBDP is only for extraordinary 

Another crazy misconception about IBDP is being an elitist program only for shining students with extraordinary skills.

According to the reports, this news started circulating in North America in the context that IBDP is only for the gifted ones. While the reality is way too different than that. IBDP program is not only for a distinct group or class of people but the program is designed for all students at all levels. Everyone can enrol in the program and complete it successfully with appropriate guidance and support.

blen ib diploma programme keep calm

No.3 IB is a hard program

Undeniably, IBDP is not a duck soup; it can be very hectic sometimes. But, jumbling up IBDP as the hardest program is not a good thought. IBDP aims to promote motivating learning standards to students rather than just a context.

IBDP assessments are developed in a way to equip students with not only a learning context but a life-changing experience such as IBDP conducts exams at the end of two years which train students for future challenges and career skills.

No. 4 IBDP is only for the students!

No doubt, IBDP is primarily a student development program but along with that IBDP presents many amazing benefits for the teachers for their professional development such as training camps and programs to boost their pedagogical skills. IBDP holds aim to facilitate a rigorous, good quality and professional education system.

In conclusion, myths are only erroneous misconceptions dispersed by people with no knowledge about the program. IBDP is one of the most recognized educational programs and is highly appreciated globally for its educational standards.

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