Cease IBDP Struggle with 4 Easy Peasy Tips

As a student, you must have been into this issue in your classroom while your instructor is delivering something and even you are hearing to your tutor still you can't make heads or tails of it. It can be anything perhaps Differential equations or integration but when you are muddled nothing will make sense to you and we hear you.

Because we all have gone through this.
So, it is typical.

The truth is our brain perceives things differently maybe Euler's equation is clear as day to your friend but beyond comprehension for you. So, it is fine if you are a little slow at learning than your mate. 

However, the question is how you can cope with this dilemma? Hang on!

We have got 4 easy peasy tips for you that you can practice to get over this problem.

1) Be Mindful Be Alert

The first point you need to focus on is to be aware of whether you are acquiring something or not and if you reflect that this particular topic is beyond your understandings mark it down or highlight the question which you didn't get or a better way is to make a list of topics that you are not understanding and learn them one by one because you have to fill in the knowledge of those points to pass the exam.

2) Get Yourself on Schedule

This is essential for fixing things that you didn't understand in the first place. Set a time and prepare a checklist of the topics you have difficulty in and try to learn them outside of your fixed learning hours. You can do this by following some YouTube tutorials to grasp the knowledge of such a topic.

3) Preach and Practice Mastery Learning

Okay, now you must be confused about what is mastery learning?
Well, it is just a learning method in which you have to master one topic first before jumping onto the next one to keep track of whether you have understood the previous thing or not. You can practice this method in your group studies or individually.

4) Don’t hesitate to Ask

If you are someone who feels hesitant to ask questions in the classroom now is your time to get over this insecurity. Despite sitting quietly try asking questions that you have difficulty with. Getting into a discussion is a very useful practice to understand those things that are unclear to you.