Ace to SAT to get to that Dream Uni

If you are planning to join college or University, you may be asked to attempt SAT. SAT is basically a standardized admission test procedure used by most institutes for the admission. Normally, SAT is a combination of the Reading, Maths, Writing, and Language sections with an optional essay part. The score for the SAT examination varies between 400-1600. Although, SAT is not compulsory at all, but if you have attempted SAT surely your chances of getting admitted can boost. 

In the articles, we will share some good practices that you can use to ace your SAT score. 

  1. Create a study plan

Do you know you can reasonably improve your score by following a good study schedule?

Create a good study plan, try to learn and improve every day and track your weak points to make them better. Spend at least 2 or 3 hours each day in self-study regularly. Remember, a key to scoring well is practice!

  1. Take help from Ben Concepts

Blen Key Concepts are one of the convenient learning platforms to improve your SAT concepts. There are millions of helpful content from a variety of subjects that can help to improve your SAT concepts better.

  1. Practice speed reading

One of the best tips to score well in the reading part is by practicing reading, In the reading section, there will be quite long passages you have to go through, therefore practice can make you speedy and saves your time. Try practicing reading SAT questions to make you familiar with the structure and the context. 

  1. Figure out your soft & good points

It is highly advised to take a mock test for SAT to get an idea of what are your lacking and what sort of modifications are required to make yourself better for the next time. Make a list of notes of the topic in which you did well and the ones in which you didn't score well and try to focus on those in detail for the next time.

  1. Go through practice books

Likewise, a good practice is to go through some helpful books as they contain data from past test papers. You can revise these tests for your practice. These books contain questions based on the test structure which are quite helpful.

Here are some of the books:

  • The official SAT study guide B
  • 10 Practice test SAT 2022

Lastly, reach prepared for the test day, take good rest and go with a fresh mindset!

Good Luck!