Make a Switch from teaching A-Level/AP to IBDP!

If you are among those already teaching A-levels or AP and now considering making a transition to IB this is the correct post for you to go through. This article will give you an in-depth analysis of if this is the right choice for you or not. 


Understanding the difference between A/AP/IB

  • Both IB and levels programs are two years educational programs with the difference A-level offers normally 3 or 4 subjects while IB offers 6 subjects. While AP is a one-year course program and students are freely allowed to pick as many subjects to study as they like.

  • In IBDP there is an additional part of EE, CAS, TOK and Internal assessment while there is no other element in A- levels or AP courses.

  • Also, the method of grading is entirely different in each such as IB uses 1-7 levels of grading. In A-levels A* to E are the grades awarded, likewise, AP grades are from 1 to 5 numeric.

  • Another major difference is IB is an entirely prevalent curriculum over all the world, A-level is also recognized globally but AP is mostly widespread in the states.

Expert advice for switching from UK curriculum to IB

Below are some expert guidance and hint for anyone thinking of switching to IB one.

  • Go through the program manual and the subject offered. 

  • Take an attempt on the learner's profile to have a quick overview of the diploma. 

  • Get a good understanding of CAS, EE, and TOK which are the core elements of IB. 

  • Try to improve your knowledge by making good use of online learning platforms.

  • Dig deeply into the IB curriculum structure.

  • Understand the difference between core and optional subjects, HLs and SLs. 

  • Figure out the assessment structure of the IB which is primarily coursework, skills and exams.

  • Get access to the IB portal to further access IB resources and material deeply.

  • Get started with the IB teaching school.

  • Enroll yourself on an IB training certification or course offered by your school.

Hopefully, this article has shed all your misunderstandings and confusion regarding IB from a learner's mindset. We have legally tried our best to deliver you with every single piece and direction on the transition from UK/US curriculum to IB and believe that now you clearly know what steps you must take to make a big change.