Introduction to Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

As an IBDP student, you must be familiar with TOK Presentations and TOK essays but you would be wondering about what the TOK Exhibition is. Recently, IBO has introduced some new changes in the course content which includes an addition for the IB TOK Exhibition.

Don't worry, after reading this post all your suspicions about what the Theory of knowledge Exhibition is will be cleared because we will be pondering a clear light on the important parts of the TOK Exhibition.

Why TOK Exhibition is different from TOK Presentation?

Generally, the TOK Exhibition is an individual project, unlike the TOK Presentation in which you can work in groups as well. For the TOK Exhibition, you have to do all the work yourself and this individual assessment has 33% worth for your TOK final grade.

What is the similarity between TOK Exhibition and TOK Presentation?

The major similarity between the TOK Presentation and the TOK Exhibition is linking theories with the real-life situation with the only difference is this time students have to make use of either digital or physical objects. Normally students are given a choice to make a selection from prescribed questions and answer them by using 3 objects to support their theory.

The Biggest Change: Objects to Exhibit!!

Earlier with the old presentation, it was all about connecting the theories to real-life situations. However, the most significant change now is the TOK Exhibition, where you should have objects to exhibit!

This may appear to be a constraint, but the definition of an object is actually quite broad. Both digital and physical objects might be included.

If you are choosing digital objects, you can select anything like any tweet, Facebook or Instagram, or any other social media post or article. What important is your chosen object should have a specific location and time linked with it and if you pick a tweet you should be familiar with where it was posted and at what time.

If you are choosing a physical object then you should pick something that exists in the real world. Students are allowed to create their own objects but the idea of it must be taken from something already existing. One of the biggest advantages of objects is they are an excellent way to showcase your creativity.

New Assessment Model

TOK Exhibition has two sections:

  • Presentation
  • Written Commentary

In the past, Theory of Knowledge Presentations was assessed based on a form that students had to fill out which made students put all the focus on the form while preparing for the Presentation but for the TOK Exhibition students are allowed to pick a prompt to link their objects and they will have to write a commentary on the selected object and how it connects with the prompt. The word range for the commentary is 950 words which are limited so students should be concise about what they are writing about.

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