M24 Exam Revision Course: Ace in IBDP Business

Gear up to conquer your IBDP May 2024 Finals with confidence!

Designed to meet the current and future needs of students who want to develop their knowledge of business content, concepts and tools to assist with business decision-making. The all-new syllabus of IBDP Business Management will be examined for the first time in May 2024 examination.

There is a slight change in the exam format, there is not Section C worth 20 marks and CUEGIS questions anymore.

However, achieving a 7, especially with a brand new syllabus with new exam format would be challenge but very much possible with a focused and diligent approach. It's crucial to have a solid understanding of each topic before progressing to the next.

Achieve Your IBDP Exam Goals

Don't underestimateBusiness Management as a subject that requires minimal effort. Like any other IB subject, scoring excellent grades of 6s and 7s in the final assessment demands consistent and diligent work.

Blen has crafted a 14-day revision course before the upcoming May 2024 IBDP Exam. By following a structured timetable that covers a diverse range of subjects each day, you can accelerate your progress towards achieving your academic goals.

Maximize Your Preparation for the IB Business Management Exam

Boost Your Efficiency and Attain Outstanding Results with These Practical Strategies! Blen recognizes the challenges associated with note-taking and has assembled a comprehensive Key Concepts list to provide a reliable repository of essential information in one convenient location.

With the extensive range of concepts and definitions encompassed in IB Business, a well-structured revision schedule is essential for organizing, consolidating, and effectively executing your IBDP Business Revision Days.

 2- Week Revision Planner

 Week 1:

Week one of m24 exam revision planner to ace in ibdp business.

 Week 2:

Week two of m24 exam revision planner to ace in ibdp business.

Revamp Your Exam Prep with the 2-Week Revision Planner!

Explore the following features included in this comprehensive revision planner:

  • Dive into Case Study Review for Paper 1 on Blen

  • Delve into Key Concepts Notes Review on Blen

  • Personalize Your Test with Topic Selection and Timer

  • Engage in Mock Tests for Paper 2

  • Access Predictive Papers tailored for M24 Examinations 

Unlock the Power of Command Terms!

Grasping the essence and nuances of each command term is crucial for achieving stellar results in IBDP exams. The IB organization provides an array of command terms such as "Determine," "Identify," "To what extent," "Annotate," "Recommend," "Comment," and "Examine."

To avoid pitfalls that may cost you points, students must familiarize themselves with these terms and evaluate their understanding.  A clear comprehension of these terms is indispensable to deliver responses aligned with the examiner's expectations and secure a favourable exam outcome.

Embrace Steadfast Consistency and Unwavering Focus for Unstoppable Success!

Harness the Power of Consistency: The Ultimate Approach to Attaining Your Goals. By staying committed to your objectives, you can exceed even your loftiest aspirations. Employ these effective strategies to stay motivated, concentrate steadfastly, and conquer your ambitions. Establish a structured plan and adhere to it diligently! Cultivate a habit of adhering to a timetable to extract the most advantages. When tackling challenging subjects, allocate 30-40 minutes per topic using a timer to optimize your educational potential.

Blen extends its best wishes for success in your upcoming May 24 IBDP Examinations!

Prepare smart and ace your exams with Blen!