Case Study "Before One PLC" for IBDP Business May 2024 Exam

The much-awaited IBDP Business case study for the upcoming May 2024 Examination has now been unveiled. You can download the M24 Business Case Study here.

Case Study "Before One PLC" for IBDP Business May 2024 Exam

Are you ready to enjoy this “Musical Festival” with business management case study?

The IBDP Business Management Paper 1 exam is scheduled for Friday, 26th April 2024. For detailed information on the examination schedule, click here.

What is the Paper 1 Assessment?

Paper 1 in IB Business Management encourages a comprehensive approach to the subject. It evaluates all five units of the syllabus and includes an Extended Response Question (Essay) section for Higher Level (HL) students. This assessment task challenges students to enhance their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

What is this M24 Case Study all about?

The IB Organization has released a pre-released case study featuring "Before One PLC," a company that organizes music festivals since 200.

This case study is centered around the idea that global music festivals are on the rise, featuring diverse locations and genres, from commercial events on farmland to community-led gatherings in public parks. One PLC (BON), a European company organizing festivals since 2001, transitioned to a public limited company in 2016 for expansion.

With 60 permanent employees and reliance on temporary workers, BON hosts five festivals yearly, paying farmers an average of $100,000 per event. Cleanup costs average $250,000. The festival season runs from May to August, with each event spanning Friday to Sunday, requiring two weeks for setup and one for dismantling. BON faces challenges in environmental sustainability.

Overview of IBDP Business Paper 1 Assessment

IBDP Business Management – SL 

IBDP Business management SL.

IBDP Business Management – HL

IBDP Business management HL.

How to Prepare to Ace Your Case Study Paper?

Blen will provide you with valuable tips on how to excel in your IBDP Business Paper 1 Case Study.

  • Grasp the Case Study: Invest time in carefully reading and analyzing the case study. Make notes, highlight key details, and create a concise summary.

  • Understand the Paper's Format: Familiarize yourself with the paper's format, as questions typically revolve around all five topics within your IBDP Business Management Syllabus. This will aid you in structuring your responses correctly and managing your time effectively.

  • Utilize Suitable Business Terminology: Incorporate appropriate business terminology to showcase your knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter.

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