What is the Assessment Criteria for IBDP Business CUEGIS Essay?

It is crucial to understand what your Examiners are looking for.

If you're a student preparing for your IB exams, you may have come across the CUEGIS essay, which requires you to analyze the impact of concepts such as culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, and sustainability on a business organization. To excel in your CUEGIS essay, it's essential to understand what your examiners are looking for. In this blog post, we will discuss the assessment criteria for a CUEGIS essay and provide you with tips on how to structure your essay effectively.

Structure of a CUEGIS Essay

A well-structured essay is crucial to convey your ideas clearly and effectively. The following structure can be used as a guideline for your CUEGIS essay:

1. Introduction (1 Paragraph)

The introduction sets the stage for your essay and should provide essential information about your chosen company and the concepts you will be addressing. Start by introducing the name of the company and providing its background, including the type of business, scale, and industry served. Define the key terms and concepts that you will be using in your essay and formulate a hypothesis that answers the essay question in a single sentence.

2. Body (3 Paragraphs)

The body of your essay should focus on elaborating on the concepts you have addressed in the first paragraph. Each paragraph should discuss one concept in detail and link it with an example of a company. For each concept, explain how the company has experienced both advantages and disadvantages in relation to that concept. Use at least three course-keywords in your answer and explain the effect of the concept on stakeholders. Provide facts about your chosen company and how they have applied the concept in their organizational activities.

For example, if you are discussing globalization as a concept, explain how the company has embraced globalization and mention the benefits they have gained from it, using factual information. Then, discuss how the company could have gone further in leveraging globalization, such as outsourcing production overseas, and analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages of such a strategy.

It's important to use keywords from your course in a meaningful perspective, rather than just stating them. For instance, instead of saying that the company uses "job production," explain how and why they use it, and how it impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

The conclusion of your essay should summarize your main points and provide a cohesive evaluation of the company's success or failure related to the concepts discussed. Address stakeholders in your conclusion and explain any conflicts or agreements between their interests. Make the implications of the concepts on the company's short-term and long-term success clear. You can also discuss the cost implications of the concepts and their impact on stakeholders.

Assessment Criteria for a CUEGIS Essay

To score well in your CUEGIS essay, it's important to meet the assessment criteria that your examiners are looking for. The following are some key assessment criteria for a CUEGIS essay:

1. Knowledge and Understanding of Concepts: Your essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts you are discussing, including their definitions, implications, and impact on business organizations.

2. Analysis and Evaluation: Your essay should analyze and evaluate how the company has experienced both advantages and disadvantages in relation to the concepts discussed. Use factual information and examples to support your analysis and evaluation.

3. Application of Course-Keywords: Your essay should effectively use course-keywords to develop your insight into the organizational activities of the company in relation to the concepts discussed. Avoid using keywords in a superficial or unrelated manner.

4. Structure and Organization: Your essay should have a clear and logical structure, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each paragraph should focus on one concept and provide evidence to support your arguments. The essay should be cohesive and well-organized.

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