How and why IBDP TOK is a vital subject?

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) places a specific emphasis on the theory of knowledge (TOK), giving students the chance to consider the nature of knowledge and how we know what we assert to know.

The TOK requirement lies at the heart of the DP's educational ethos.

TOK is nearly made up of questions as a careful and intentional inquiry into various modes of knowing and various types of knowledge.

How do we know is the most crucial of these and others included?

  • What constitutes proof for X?

  • How do we determine which Y model is the best?

  • What does theory Z actually entail in practice?

Students become more conscious of their own beliefs and ideologies via discussions of these and other issues, and they also grow to appreciate the variety and depth of cultural perspectives. 

Throughout the TOK course, you embark on a journey in which you critically assess your own "knower" and "thinker" status within your community of "knowers”.


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Five subjects constituted in the theory of knowledge

Students investigate knowledge issues connected to a variety of themes in Theory of Knowledge lectures consists of the following 5 subjects of knowledge:

  • History

  • the humanities

  • Mathematics

  • Biological Sciences

  • The Arts

They establish connections between many fields of knowledge while assessing the borders that separate them gain an understanding of the techniques we use to obtain information across disciplines, and find views as well as changes in cognitive paradigms. Investigate the ethical ramifications of knowledge acquisition and possession throughout the course.

As opposed to learning new information as such, TOK classes encourage you to reflect on knowledge and what it means to be knowledgeable. You will encounter a variety of very abstract topics along the way. It could be a little stranger for you to think about these ideas than you are used to. You can feel uncomfortable when you investigate TOK principles. Some pupils initially find this challenging, but ultimately gratifying. 

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Must go in things for the idea of knowledge

The IBO suggests that the notions to aid in your exploration of the idea of knowledge:

  • evidence

  • certainty

  • truth

  • interpretation

  • power

  • justification

  • explanation

  • objectivity

  • viewpoint

  • culture

  • values 

  • responsibility 

The IB TOK's Overarching Principle

One inquiry is the sole purpose of the entire IB TOK investigation. How do we know is the question at hand. By combining many Fields of Knowledge and researching them through the Means of Knowing, this question is made more comprehensive. In essence, you examine if a fact or opinion will change if a different method of knowing is applied to it by taking it from an Area of Knowledge, and figuring out how it was established (i.e., its way of knowing). You can even examine that information or viewpoint in the context of a whole new field of knowledge to see how it changes (if it does at all).

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