Let’s do some Predictions for IBDP N23 Exams

At Blen, our primary objective is to assist students in effectively preparing for IBDP exams by conducting thorough reviews. We meticulously compile exam-style questions, carefully adapted from IBDP Past Papers, with this objective in mind.

Educators, teachers, and students within the IBDP community can benefit from Blen's digital repository of key concept notes, an extensive array of practice questions, and the versatile "Build Own Test" feature.

What are these N23 Predictive Papers?

We are pleased to announce the launch of Blen Predictive Papers, meticulously tailored for the N23 Exams. These comprehensive papers offer an accurate representation of IBDP examination papers, reflecting the format and topical distribution found in official IBDP Examinations.

Our team of IB Examiners and content creators have diligently analysed a multitude of past IB exams. They've identified the most frequently recurring topics, evaluated the relative importance of various topics and subtopics, and are now crafting these Predictive Papers. The aim is to equip you for the upcoming IBDP Nov 2023 Examinations by replicating the question types that students can expect in their diploma exams.

What will be published, and when?

Blen believes that learning should never stop and that’s why, we are already LIVE with Predictive Papers for the following subjects:

We are super excited to launch the first ever Nov Predictive Papers for N23 Examination for the following subjects:

These include Paper 1, Paper 2 and for Mathematics AA/AI HL, Paper 3. Each Paper features full, detailed written solutions, in addition to an explanation for multiple-choice questions and a step-by-step illustration of how to solve them.

How to get access to these Predictive Papers on Blen?

Blen Predictive Papers can be accessed from Test Builder and is absolutely free with all subscription packages.

Blen application with Test Builder IBDP features.

If you haven't already signed up for our premium packages, Blen suggests that you select the suitable subscription plan and unlock the complete benefits, which encompass both Predictive Papers and the Learning Platform.

Don't delay any further; let's seize the opportunity to maximize your IBDP Revision Days with Blen.

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