This is why you should consider being an IBDP Teacher

We all are very well aware of the perks that International Baccalaureate proposes for its students while not surprisingly this international program has also multiple benefits for the teachers and instructors that are associated with it.

An IBDP teacher helping a student.

Here is a concise description of the benefits for IB teachers:

  • Exceptional Professional Growth
  • Long-time learning opportunities
  • Great professional development training and certifications
  • Access to teaching resources and tools
  • A professional experience in conveying knowledge and motivating students through teaching skills
  • Ample opportunities for high professional development

IBDP teachers are deemed a significant part of the hit of the programme. IB treats its educators very professionally. There are countless professional learning conferences, workshops, and training programs offered for the growth and development of IB instructors. In fact, due to the current limitations imposed by the pandemic, IBDP has also set blending learning development workshops for its professionals which was a remarkable action. Additionally, being a part of this unique curriculum comes with incredible achievements and mastery which can be fruitful for your professional resume. Also, for future job prospects in the educational domain, it can act as an excellent point of notice for employers.

  • Plenty of qualifications and certifications recognized at the University level

There are considerable IB partners and institutions circulated across the globe that offer IB professional training and certifications to evolve and expand their teams with the present teaching aptitudes and curriculum.

At the moment, four kinds of certifications offered by the IB are as follows:

  • Learning and teaching certification.

  • Advanced research certification in learning and teaching.

  • Leadership training certification.

  • Leadership research advance level certification.

  • Presents a top-notch dynamic growth experience

Being a part of a prestigious curriculum like IB does not only involve the success of the students but is equally crucial for the tutors that are linked with it. Teaching a remarkable curriculum delivers great development and growth possibilities for instructors that hold true values. In addition to that, different teaching tools and educational resources are available for the scheduling, unit planning and evaluation to facilitate the IBDP teachers professionally.

Presently, four educational programs are being offered for people from certain age groups. The major purpose of these programs is uplifting, intellectual stimulus, critical engagement, self-reflection and continuous educational improvements.

Important facts about IB teaching

To become a part of this masterful field, one should be qualified for it. To be qualified as an IB teacher, one must have taken an IB certification first and for that, you are required to have an accurate teaching license with the relevant professional experience. An ideal job profile to be accepted as an IBDP tutor is a graduate degree in a specific subject area with 3 years of classroom teaching experience.

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