Tackle interdependency on your IBDP Economics M23 Exam better

Get ready to excel in your IBDP May 2023 Finals!

Being an IBDP Economics student can be a challenging experience, particularly when facing the final exam amid changes in the curriculum and the added pressure of the absence of past paper questions. But fear not, with a well-structured 2-week revision program, you can confidently excel in the exam and conclude your IBDP journey with success.

Blen empathizes with the difficulties students encounter while attempting unknown questions without a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts. To assist students in overcoming this obstacle, Blen has created a comprehensive 2-Week Revision Planner. The program includes critical concepts, topic-specific assessments, and timed practice sessions, all aimed at ensuring that students have a strong understanding of the material.

Crush Your IBDP Exam Goals

IB Economics is a challenging course to study that requires a deep understanding of how resources are produced, distributed, and consumed by individuals and groups. Students often devote a great deal of effort to excel in exams, but the high pressure can cause them to make common errors. These errors can have a significant impact on their grades, even if they have put in a lot of hard work.

With Blen key concept notes and exam-style question specially curated for the May 2023 IBDP Exam, you are going to smash your examination. By following a well-planned schedule that covers a broad range of subjects each day, you can speed up your progress towards achieving your academic goals.

IB Economics Paper

Maximize Your M23 Preparation

Boost your study efficiency and attain outstanding results with these effective techniques! Blen recognizes the challenges of taking notes and has compiled a comprehensive Key Concepts list, providing a reliable collection of critical information in one place.

With the extensive range of concepts, definitions and graphs encompassed in IB Economics, a well-planned revision schedule is essential to organize, integrate, and effectively carry out your IBDP Economics Revision Days with impact.

2- Week Revision Planner

Week 1:

 week 1

Week 2:

 week 2

      This 2-Week Revision Planner includes:

  • Review of Key Concepts Notes on Blen

  • Exclusive Data Response Questions on Blen

  • Build Own Test by choosing the appropriate topic and timer

  • Mock Test for Paper 1, 2 and 3

  • Predictive Papers curated for M23 Examinations


Understand the importance of DEED method

"DEED" refers to Definitions, Explanations, Examples, and Diagrams. It is critical to follow this method in both IB Economics HL and SL exams. Unfortunately, many students fail to implement it during the exam, resulting in lower grades.

It is vital for students to comprehend the significance of the "DEED" method. This approach can simplify the process of writing answers, even under pressure. To achieve this, students should practice using this method during their revision and structure each response in accordance with the mark schemes.

Acquire the Skill of Steadfast Consistency and Unwavering Concentration for Unstoppable Achievement!

Unleash the Power of Consistency: The Ultimate Approach to Achieving Your Goals. By staying dedicated to your objectives, you can exceed your highest aspirations. Utilizing these effective strategies, stay inspired, stay focused, and conquer your ambitions. Develop a systematic plan and adhere to it consistently! Cultivate a habit of following a schedule to maximize its benefits. When dealing with difficult subjects, set aside 30-40 minutes per topic and use a timer to optimize your learning potential.

Blen wishes you Good Luck with your upcoming May 23 IBDP Examinations!!