Boost Your IBDP Grades with Blen

The closer the exam day gets, the more stressful exams become. The month leading up to exams is without a doubt the most stressful in a student's life. Regardless of your best efforts, you will undoubtedly have thoughts like "will I receive high grades?" or "am I preparing enough?" Will I be able to pass this exam boat?

It is normal to feel uncertain when your mind is filled with such thoughts; this is a normal aspect of being a student. Everyone has to experience this at some point.

Therefore, Blen considered dropping some of your exam burdens by sharing with you some amazing tips that you can reflect on to get yourself going during the IB exams.

Here are some cool practices for you to keep you motivated until the end of exam season:

Get Yourself Organized

Remember that the exam period is just temporary, therefore have confidence in your abilities to achieve. Spend some time recalling the reasons you chose to major in IB. Hopefully, this perseverance will benefit you.

This is now important. Be specific with your goals and objectives. Organize both yourself and your belongings. It is important to reduce your projects into manageable pieces so that you can complete them because a larger picture will make goals appear overwhelming to you. Create a to-do list, then proceed as necessary.

Get Inspired with the Ultimate Win

It’s natural, we can't believe in something unless we see it, but hope is something that lets us drive even through hard times. Keep in your mind that IB can be your straight route to greatness, think of the University that you always wanted to go to, and consider that your IB journey will bring novel opportunities for you.

Get Rid of Negativity

Stay optimistic because every cloud has a silver lining. Recall, what you have learned from this journey and how these dynamic years will serve you in the future. Look back and notice that you have created such amazing memories and perceived valuable experience in the IB journey of yours. In between everything, do not forget to take care of yourself, eat healthily, exercise, and get enough sleep because self-care should be on top to stay motivated while dealing with exam season.

Get Onboard with Blen

This is the best and the wisest thing you could offer to yourself. Rush to your account with Blen to test your IB learning by practicing real exam-like questions before the actual exam.

Anyways, Blen wishes you Good Luck!