6 steps to write your TOK Exhibition Commentary

Here you will get a complete guide that can make you get full marks. It starts from choosing the IA prompt to structuring the commentary and some more tips to fix the assignment.

TOK assignment consists of two parts: the first is the presentation aspects, and the other is a commentary counted in your grades.

Critical points of TOK Exhibition Commentary

TOK exhibition commentary consists of 950-word assignments and 33% of your final total grades. It is an individual project which you should do on your own. But TOK presentation consists of 5 students.

It starts with choosing a single topic out of 35 prescribed titles. You must choose 3 real word scenarios and images to answer the title.

6 steps to structure TOK exhibition commentary:

You should follow some tips to write a good theory of knowledge.

Step 1. Select IA prompt:

First, starts with choosing an IA prompt title out of 35 prescribed titles and linking it to the core themes or the optional themes to format your course designed by your teacher.

Step 2. TOK objects:

The second step is choosing three objects that demonstrate real-world scenarios in the context of IA prompts. Objects must be independent of fellow students; they must follow your interest.

Step 3. Plan your TOK:

You have to plan your object by yourself that must follow your interest instead of discussing it with your fellow students. Talk about your objects and how you see your points in the world scenarios.

Step 4. Write your first draft:

950-word commentary should mention the three picked and identify them in the real-world context. Your explanation must be linked to IA prompt. It must include evidence and justifications for that evidence.

Step 5. Make a final doc:

Submit your file. It must include the title, object, your commentary and references, and i-e citation.

Step 6: TOK presentation:

It is an excellent way of learning; the teacher can’t award you marks for it, so it is not more assess.

Outline the TOK exhibition commentary?

Make a title:

Tittle of the TOK exhibition is an IA prompt you selected out of 35 prescribed titles. Write the title as it is, and make sure it must include the prompt number you picked.

Write an introduction:

It starts with not more than 30 words introduction that can frame your exploration. If you include this section, explain what you understand from the prompt and why you choose it.

Explain your first object:

Work on the first object that includes 290 words. Place the image in the centre and add a description below that image. Under the image, mention what the object is? Mention its real-life context. You don’t need to mention yourself talking about the object; you have to mention a tweet of a famous personality and mention real word context. You should explain why and in what way prompt questions answer the research question.

Explain the second object:

Take the second object with 290 words that must be a quarter in size in the centre. Make sure the explanation you use must be easily linked to the IA prompt you to choose from the prescribed title.

Explain the third object:

The third image includes 290 words, taking a quarter of the page in the centre. Every image must link to the IA prompt. Make sure the explanation you used must not link to the explanation of the first and second object.


The last step is the conclusion which includes 50 words: tie everything together, and it couldn’t be hard to write. Describe what your object shows as an answer to the internal assessment prompt.

Tips For the TOK exhibition commentary:

The object and the image of the object you selected must be unique and independent, so don't discuss your project with the students.

Your content can’t be generic; instead, it must belong to a given place and time.

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