Mathematics | Area of knowledge for your TOK Essay

That is why students used this to answer the question that provides a degree of certainty unmatchable in any other field.

Based on this factor, it is the best area of knowledge that can explore various knowledge issues.

Why it is essential for the TOK essay?

The main reason is that it is universally valid and facts based on reasons. Additionally, it relies on its symbols and language, as it reduces the cultural and contextual influences when delivering knowledge. 

Mathematics is also a creative subject as it highlights the practical evaluation of their imaginations. It does not rely on the perceptions in the inquiry but on the application of resultant knowledge that relies on the techniques used in the other production areas.

For instance, an art closely links mathematics to provide the formal requirements for symmetry and harmony, relying on the mathematical structure.

Description with examples:

“If the disagreement about the knowledge is resolved, then it is essential to equal attention to both sides. Under what circumstances it is good advice.”

Some mathematicians claim that shared convictions adopted by the researcher allow them to use altering sides of a disagreement.

Example:  In 2011, Edward Nelson asserted that Peano's arithmetic is essentially inconsistent.

Counterclaims: equal treatment of contrasting sites in mathematics does not necessarily produce knowledge and new insight.

Example: continuous disagreement over the axiom of foundation

Mathematicians rely on a methodology geared toward the development of consensus. It is highlighted in the theory of knowledge that mistakes often occur in the IB diploma programme. Still, experts use ways of knowing, intuition and reason to spot these mistakes and display disagreements.

Take away:

It is surmised that consensus in mathematics is not achieved through coercion. Mathematics recognises a shared genuine conviction adopted by the individual researcher, allowing them to answer the altering sides.

Therefore, knowledge possesses a high level of certainty. For example, geometry is readily accepted worldwide due to its certainty of language and symbols.

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