10 Astounding Topics for IBDP TOK Presentation

Choosing the right topic for your TOK presentation is no less than a nightmare. It is one of the critical stages for any IBDP student and picking the right topic can boost your chances of scoring higher. By communicating with the ex IBDP students and with the relevant information we have summed up some of the best TOK presentation topics that are very noteworthy from a tutor's point of view and surely can raise your odds of acing your TOK presentation. One of the tips is to always prefer a topic connected to any real-life situation so that you can imply and justify your selected topic easily. 

  1. The impact of climate change

How climate change is affecting the globe? 

Real-Life Situation: Take examples of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, natural disaster, and what impact it has on human life and the environment.

  1. Attitude towards gender and sexuality diversity

How does shared knowledge influence a person's response to ethical questions?

Real-Life Situation: Attitudes towards gender and sexuality are changing with a greater rate of acceptance. What is the negative and positive effect of this on people's lives?

  1. Child marriage 

Is it acceptable to intrude on other religions' beliefs about child marriage?

Real-Life Situation: Underage marriage is legal in some parts of the world due to some religious terms but is it one of the major human rights violations.

  1. Mark of names on personality

To what extent is our perception of others viewed by language?

Real-Life Situation: According to recent scientific research, names have a big impact on personalities and future career success.

  1. Gender-based discrimination 

To what extent does gender discrimination affect the female child from an early age?

Real-Life situation: In some parts of the world, the discrimination between male and female children is still one of the primary issues and mainly females in those worlds have to fight for their equal rights.

  1. Bullying in School

To what extent does bullying affect a child's attitude and health?

Real-Life Situation: 1 in 3 children is affected by bullying in their school life. Bullying leaves a lasting effect on someone's physical as well as mental health therefore this issue needs to be addressed.

  1. Changing perspectives toward beauty standards and bodies

Have the beauty standards changed over time?

Real-Life Situation: What is ideal beauty in anyone's view? Women in the past were expected to be skinny to meet the standards of beauty but not anymore.

  1. The desire to get fame?

How being famous comes up with luxuries and critiques?

Real-Life Situation: Fame proposes multiple comforts yet it pitches endless open judgments and critiques. Is it even worth the hustle?

  1. The Flat Earth Theory?

What is the perception and reasoning behind people following the conventional understanding of science?

Real-Life Situation: The theory that the Earth does not follow the conventional understanding of science that the Earth is globular in shape, instead conceptualized it to be a plane

  1. Collective Vs Individual Memory?

Which is more reliable, Collective Memory or Individual Memory?

Real-Life Situation: When a large number of people believe something happened when it didn't, it's known as the Mandela Effect.  


The topics presented in the blog are only to give you an idea and should not be picked blindly without consulting your tutor. Always seek the advice of your tutor before finalizing any of these topics for your TOK presentation.